Sustainable Hammocking: HÄNG supports the Eden Reforestation Project

Nachhaltiges Hammocking: HÄNG unterstützt das Eden Reforestation Project
  • Partnership: HÄNG and Eden Reforestation Project
  • Two new trees for every order
  • Beginning of January 2020

Leipzig, January 13th, 2020. At the beginning of 2020, the German startup HÄNG strengthened its commitment to more environmental protection. Together with Eden Reforestation Projects, the hammock manufacturer plants two new trees with every order. Every year, the worldwide tree population is reduced by approximately 10 billion trees. The reasons for this are different. In addition to clearing for natural resources, devastating forest fires cause great losses. Reforestation of forests should counteract this trend and at the same time reduce global CO2 emissions. Research shows that concepts such as reforestation are the most effective and cheapest way to deal with the climate crisis.

With Eden Reforestation Projects, HÄNG supports an experienced partner. The figures so far are convincing: The non-profit US organization has planted more than 260,000,000 trees since 2004. In 5 countries, including Nepal and Madagascar, former fallow land offers a new opportunity for our ecosystem. Local farmers are implementing the project in close cooperation. The overarching concept also improves the local soil and water quality and offers the local population a way out of poverty.

“We live in a time between climate fighters and climate opponents. The cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects should clearly show which side we are on, ”explains HÄNG founder Tobias Tullius. Sustainability is an important issue for the company. The desire for outdoor activities and passion for travel continues to increase in Germany. Customers' environmental awareness is also increasing. Hammocking, camping in hammocks, gives a new generation of environmentally conscious customers the opportunity to enjoy nature without harming it.

HÄNG has been selling parachute silk hammocks worldwide since 2014. Aspects such as a harmless suspension of the products and leaving the landscape without a trace form a strong corporate focus.

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