verschiedene Schlagzeilen über das Thema Retouren und ein grün hinterlegter "#HÄNGupcycled" Schriftzug

One in 25 orders returned to online shops and mail order companies is destroyed.

Sounds little? Let's put it another way: in 2018, 20 MILLION products ended up in landfills in Germany alone. We think that's incredibly sad. And quite a waste of resources at that.

That's why we don't just throw away any returns from the start. But at some point the question also arose for us: What to do with B-stock and returns? We believe: Even a HANG with loose threads deserves a second chance. And this is where our community comes in!

HANG community against wasting resources:

At the beginning of 2022 we are gripped by the desire to tidy up. We decide to clean up our warehouse and sort all returns from the last 8 years (!). And once again find out: Almost nothing that is sent back is real really no longer usable.

Sure, some HANG have a few stains. A few DÄCKEn loose threads. Not a condition we want to sell things in anymore - but far, far too good to throw away.

A short time later, TikToker @lauraxlora conjures up a winter jacket from our DÄCKE. We're blown away - and we're tingling. We have an idea.

In April we will then open our warehouse - and offer our community to make our sorted returned products available for upcycling projects. What happens next - we didn't expect it:

Over 200 people pitch us their creative suggestions as to what else you can do with our products!

Now it's the beginning of 2023. A lot of time has passed in which our #SCHWINGERCLUB sewed, sweated, patched and maybe even cursed - but in the end we came up with really surprising creations ⬇️

We are super happy that HÄNG, DÄCKE and Co. got a second chance in so many great ways

and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again for your commitment! 💚