Hammock Tips #1

Hängematten Tipps #1

Are you ready for the hammocks-Season? Admittedly, for us it's all year round hammocks Season. And that's exactly why we've become something like hanging professionals in recent years and know the best spots, tricks and tricks and have a lot of ideas for how swinging can be an unforgettable experience.

For everyone who is brand new to the hammocksgame - or are simply looking for inspiration - we collect our favorite hammock tips from the team every month. Our all-rounder Jan starts today.

Hammock tip #1 from Jan

Jan von HÄNG und Autor des Blogposts

Hi! I'm Jan. At HÄNG I take care of the website and all technical processes. I implement new functions, remove code that we no longer need, build new pages and coordinate the cooperation with external specialists on the website. I'm also a musician, which is why my hammock tip is listening to music! I have a very special one for you Playlist, consisting of piano music. 

I like minimalistic music because it can help release the mind in a focused way. The limitation to a few elements gives the music space. This creates a free-floating basic structure and a warm feeling that is great for relaxing and contemplating. This helps me to recharge the battery, especially in busy weeks.

Equipped with the HANG and with this music I go to any forest that you can reach by train/on foot/by bike. I usually pick up a few interesting noises along the way to use later in my own music. Arriving at the place of my choice, I then lie down in the with my best headphones hammock and look around in the air - nothing else.

If you don't want to listen to music, I can also recommend that you just listen to the noise around you. If you like, you can also make a journal out of it and write down each element you hear. You can relax, train your concentration and practice listening to your surroundings more closely. I know this exercise as auditory meditation or as a noise diary.

Want to try it out? Then share your experiences with us Instagram - we're excited to see where you've been!

If you want to have your own hammock to relax in, take a look here over. You can find the Spotify playlist again here: