Dirty hammock? This is how you wash your HÄNG

Hängematte dreckig? So wäschst du deine HÄNG

We'll tell you how to properly care for your hammock 

After the season is before the season? Not on our watch! Because being outside is an all year around thing for us. And with the DÄCKE you can easily spend an hour (or two) outside, even with the current temperatures.
But we don't unpack the hammock quite as often to be fair. This makes it the ideal time to take care of your hammock - so that you can really start again with the first rays of sunshine. 

Small accidents happen - and aren't the end of the world

Your HÄNG is made of parachute silk and is therefore inherently dirt-repellent. ZFor extra protection, you can also use an impregnation spray.

Small accidents do happen anyway. Did you climb the HÄNG with muddy shoes? Spilled the soda? Did the chocolate ice cream drip? No problem. First aid on the go can be as simple as a dirt absorbing cloth. But if you only notice the mishap now - don't worry! Most stains can be gently brushed out once they have dried. 

If all of this is of no use, you can give the HÄNG a good wash. We do that at regular intervals anyway - then the colors shine much nicer again.

Be gentle with your HÄNG

The HÄNG is machine washable up to 30 ° C. Please do not use bleach or the spin cycle. Better: gentle cycle and mild detergent. A mild shampoo works too. Before you can start, remove the carabiners and connect the hanging loops to prevent them from getting tangled in the washing machine.

If you want to be on the safe side, or if you have a hungry washing machine that sometimes gobbles up your socks, put the HÄNG in a laundry bag or an old pillowcase for the wash cycle. 

Dry thoroughly for hibernation

After washing, the HÄNG dries best in about 10 minutes outside. So you can easily hang them up wet and skip the dryer. Your HÄNG doesn't like it anyway.

You can then pack it in the stuff sack until your next outdoor adventure. But please only do that when it is really dry. Otherwise an unpleasant smell or - in the worst case - mold stains can arise from the moisture. And they are not only not particularly pretty, but also not good for the material in the long term.