Outdoors in spring in Germany: That's what matters

Outdoor im Frühling in Deutschland: Darauf kommt’s an

by Tanita Steckel

Also noticed? Spring is slowly coming. Okay, at the moment it's still pretty uncomfortable outside sometimes. But the days are a whole lot longer than they were a few weeks ago, and the sun is also showing up a lot more often. And you know what that means: soon we'll be able to spend every free minute outside again. Hooray! 🥳

But before we can start, there are a few things to clarify.

First things first: the equipment

Well, have you also put hiking boots, hammock and Co. into hibernation? Then now is the right time to check whether you survived it well. Were the moths visiting? Was the HANG dry when she was packed in the stuff sack and put in the closet?

If not, a musty smell may have developed. It's not bad, but it just doesn't smell particularly pleasant. A quick wash can help. Here there's the basics of hammock care.

Winter isn't quite over yet

The weather is pretty moody at the moment. Specifically means: It can still be really cold (especially in the shade!) and rain or snow (or both 🥶). Better to prepare for all eventualities. So: rain jacket on - no matter how nice the sun is shining. A rain cape can also be a sensible alternative. This not only protects you, but also your backpack. Or you can take ours right away BEG - it doesn't mind the rain and your belongings all stay dry. 
There are still enormous temperature differences between the shaded and sunny sides. The body then jumps back and forth between sweating and shivering. So that this doesn't happen, we wrap ourselves in several layers of functional underwear - i.e. underwear, shirt, sweater, rain jacket. You can always take something off if the sun gets too warm.

In addition, there can still be snow residue at higher altitudes. They look great, but they're quite a slide. That's why we don't dare to go on the snow fields. The risk of slipping and injuring yourself is too high for us. For the very brave: You can still get there with crampons and/or trekking poles. But caution is advised.

Pro Tip: Plan the route away from dense forests, and ideally along south-facing trails. The sun can already unfold its effect there - icy paths are easy to walk on and the sun's rays are warming.

Take it slow

Many of us take an outdoor break in the winter. We've also played the marmot in the past few weeks and aren't quite as fit as we were in the summer. Therefore: start small and increase slowly. The first outdoor adventure doesn't have to be climbing the Zugspitze 😉

Also, the days aren't quite as long as we'd like them to be. So: Check beforehand when the sun is supposed to set and plan to be back home about half an hour before. It gets cold quickly in the dark, and you can still get lost. Doesn't have to be both.

Schedule breaks

The best thing about spring? It's finally warm enough to chill outside. We don't have to be constantly on the move, but can also take a short break in the hammock. After all, the first hiking tour of the year demands a lot of energy. With snacks and a camping blanket (for example our fluffy TIRE) in the luggage nothing stands in the way of a picnic in the open air.