Cotton vs. parachute silk for hammocks

Baumwolle vs. Fallschirmseide für Hängematten

We use for our HANG high-quality nylon parachute silk. In this article we will explain why we do this, what that means exactly and which other material is conceivable for the production of a hammock. 

There are two materials, from which the fibers can consist.

1# Cotton Hammocks

The advantages are apparent: Is is an ecological raw material. This makes it degradable and recyclable. Cotton is also characterized by a pleasant feeling on the skin because it is very soft and adapts well to the ambient temperature. Besides, she lets herself super easy dye, which means countless color variations are possible!

However, the natural substance also has disadvantages. Due to the fact that it is a natural substance, irregularities in the material properties often occur. This sometimes leads to difficulties with the color fastness of the finished hammocks. This means that not all hammocks are exactly the same shade. This makes each product unique - but it is one Problem, yes all of us Customer: want to offer a consistently beautiful hammock inside. For us, the weight is a major disadvantage. Cotton is heavier than polyester and is therefore not suitable as a material for ultralight Outdoorequipment.
Hängematte hängend zwischen Bäumen

Bild: Elina Zazonova

#2 Synthetic fiber hammock

The advantages of synthetic fibers are clearly in their handling. They are weatherproof, easily washable, particularly colourfast, they do not change when exposed to the sun and they are very light! 

The disadvantages lie in the production. To produce polyester or nylon, you need petroleum and a lot of energy. This is of course a disadvantage when it comes to the carbon footprint of the finished product.

We use for our ultralight hammock parachute silk made of nylon. The material ensures an extremely stable, extremely light and quick-drying hammock. Airships, balloons and parachutes used to be made from parachute silk. Today they become our beautiful ones HANG manufactured.

Convince yourself and simply try out your future most loyal travel companion!