The coolest spots for your hammock

Die coolsten Spots für deine Hängematte

Easter is coming, spring is here, the sun is shining - and we are happy. Why? Because we're finally back every day with the hammock can make the area unsafe! For us there is nothing more beautiful than that HANG on the river bank or in the forest and hang out. The little mini vacation for in between.

At the moment, the possibilities to travel are rather limited. But that's no reason to be sad - on the contrary. We see this as an opportunity to explore our own surroundings extensively.

That's why today we show you the most beautiful spots for the hammock from our community.

Kleiner Sonnstein, Austria

It looks so idyllic - despite (or perhaps because of?) the snow - that we almost miss winter a little bit ourselves. But hey, who knows - maybe there will be one or two surprises at the corresponding altitudes.

Black Forest, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Okay, that's the last snow picture, I promise! But the Black Forest in the snow has something magical and fairytale-like about it that we can't get enough of. By the way: In the hammock camping doesn't have to be as chilly as it might look here. We have you how it works here summarized.

Schnaakenmoor Nature Reserve, Hamburg, Germany

Honestly, just the name alone! Schnaakenmoor - that sounds like pure nature! And that's what it looks like. Here we would set up our camp immediately and the HANGunpack the mat.

Tyrol, Austria

Btw.: A hammock does not necessarily have to be attached to trees or poles. The innovative hanging system with loops allows you to HANG attachable practically anywhere. Also on the car.

Walchensee, Bavaria, Germany

We're a little bit in love with these photos @hundredth_second_ Bavaria is always good for a (photogenic) surprise.

Weissenstein, Solothurn, Switzerland

The best thing about a hammock? It's super comfortable. The best of the HANG? It has enough space for at least two people. Or just for you and your dog 😍 (We know who we would want to cuddle with in the HANG...)

Schmalkalden, Thuringia, Germany

Home is where the heart is, as they say. Or just where you hang up your hammock. Or both.

Lindau, Bavaria, Germany

Okay, that really looks like vacation 🌞 We're almost a bit jealous.

By the way, if the weather doesn't look like it does in the photo, but is a bit more changeable: Don't worry! Even in April weather you can easily be outside for a bit. We have the most important lessons learned from our hiking tours here listed for you.

Sorpe Dam, Sauerland, Germany

yeah, one HANG in their natural habitat: The great FOREST open.

Bad puns aside: We think it's still best to hang out in the woods. We explain how to find the ideal tree for swinging and how to hang it up here.

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