We donate all profits on BLACK FRIDAY - HÄNG AND DO GOOD

Entspannte Frau in der Hängematte

We at HÄNG are ready for BLACK FRIDAY! Customers, but also companies, look forward to the last Friday in November every year. For buyers there is hardly a day in the year that offers more savings potential. Accordingly, the cash register rings at the companies on this day. Of course we could do that. Or we can counteract Black Friday with something useful. This is exactly what we intend to do with our personal BLÄCK FRIDAY this year, which we put under the motto HANG OUT AND DO GOOD.

The most important thing first: We will not be offering any discounts in our shop on this day. Instead, we will donate ALL PROFITS from sales that day to charity. Sounds good? Sounds good!

You order – and we donate

Mann mit Kurierrucksack auf dem Rücken von hinten

When you shop in our shop, you are doing something good at the same time. Always. We are partners of the Eden Reforestation Project. This means that we commit to planting at least two trees for every order from our online shop. Together with other partners, over 380,000,000 trees have already been planted all over the world. Of course, we also meet this obligation on BLÄCK FRIDAY. Strictly speaking, you are supporting two projects on this day.

We also asked the #SCHWINGERCLUB which other projects we should support with a donation. Here we go.


Sea-Watch is probably familiar to everyone today who does not close their eyes and ears to the misery that is happening on the external borders of the European Union. People are dying fleeing violence, terror, war and hunger - before the eyes of the European Union, which at the same time wants to be an advocate of democracy and human rights. Many of the refugees see the sea route to Europe as the last resort in order to lead a decent life in safety in the future. This path is extremely dangerous and has already claimed the lives of countless people. Sea-Watch is an association of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to sea rescue for over five years. The non-profit organization has since helped save over 37,000 people. As long as the European Union applies double standards to people's lives, we need organizations like Sea-Watch that don't let anyone die.

Protect Our Winters

Winter is coming - but not if we continue like this. Our climate targets are currently a reminder of good resolutions for the new year. It all sounds kind of nice, but in the back of your mind it's clear: it won't work. Unfortunately, there is one detail that plays a major role, especially when it comes to climate goals: we only have this one earth. When we ruin our planet, we deprive ourselves of the basis of life. Protect Our Winters has taken up the cause of climate protection and turns passionate outdoor athletes into effective climate protectors. Founded in 2007 in the USA by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, Protect Our Winters is committed to carbon neutrality by 2050. There is still a lot to do before the goal is reached, and the outdoor community will be busy, but certainly not silent.


Be honest, most of us like animal videos on the web. Sometimes they're entertaining, but every now and then they have a serious background - for example when it comes to animal rescue campaigns. The FOUR PAWS big cat sanctuary ANIMAL SPECIES gives big cats that were kept under poor conditions a new, species-appropriate home. In addition, numerous native wild animals are cared for at TIERART. From tigers to raccoons to hedgehogs, many animals find a species-appropriate home here. You can help tigress Varvara, the last Bulgarian circus tiger, ram Hector, who escaped from the slaughterhouse, and many other animals to live a humane life.

Did you discover your favorite project? Then support us on 27.11. 2020 with an order in our online shop and select a project at check-out that we support with your help. We will donate 100 percent of all profits.