Your packing list for the camping holiday

Deine Packliste für den Campingurlaub

It's June, the sun is heating up, the school holidays are about to start and you're in the mood for a summer vacation? This year is still a bit different than usual - but it doesn't have to be a flight. Whether camping at Lake Garda or vacationing on a farm - we can relax with the HANG anyway everywhere 😉

So why not just go with that hammock drive into the blue with your luggage and spend the night where it's most beautiful? Vacation is what you make of it! So that you don't find out at the campfire in the evening that the batteries in your flashlight are empty or that you've run out of wine, the same applies here: preparation is everything. Nothing works without a packing list. And so that you don't have to do that, we've conjured up the perfect packing list for you here. TADA! With everything your camper heart desires - but not a gram too much 🙂

Pssst, don't feel like reading the whole article? Scroll down, there's the packing list as a document to print out and tick off!

First item on the packing list for a summer camper vacation

First things first: The essentials. Food, drinks, sleeping mat and tent or hammock. Clear. How much food and water you should take with you depends on whether and how long you want to stay away from civilization. As a rough rule of thumb, we recommend 5 liters of water per day - for drinking, rinsing and washing hands. If you are at a campsite you don't have to worry about it, you can refill every day. When you eat, you can probably best judge for yourself how big your hunger usually is 😁 If you are traveling away from the usual campsites, it is best to make sure that you do not take any perishable food with you. For example, you can easily replace the milk for your morning coffee with powdered milk. And very important: pack all groceries smell-proof so as not to attract uninvited guests.

What should not be missing: A camping stove, at least one pot, cutlery and crockery. But be careful: Please no open fire in the forest, especially not in summer.

HÄNG Hängematte rot DÄCKE Campingdecke blau rotIf every gram really counts, you can leave out a few things. You don't necessarily need a cutting board, for example - a plate will do, too. Ultimately, how much you pack depends on whether you're walking or driving, and how much weight you can comfortably carry.

Tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag - or, in the HÄNG Outdoors Edition hammock and TIRE - you should check again before departure so that everything is complete and intact. If you want to save weight, it's better to leave the tent at home. HÄNG & DÄCKE are at least as warm and weigh significantly less. And it's even more convenient 🙂

Second point for your packing list: Biodegradable sanitary items

What is not yet a problem on the campsite is a real challenge in the forest: personal hygiene. But nothing is impossible - and if you take enough water with you, it's definitely enough for a thorough cat wash. It is best to use biodegradable shower gel or shampoo so as not to pollute nature. It shouldn't get into rivers or lakes, but at least it won't do anything to the flower meadow.
HÄNG Hängematte blau
Lifehack: Wet wipes for washing cats or wiping off spills save a lot of water! By the way, they are also available in compostable form 🙌 In addition, toothpaste and toothbrush, a comb or brush and deodorant should not be missing. Logical. It is best not to take spray cans with you, they do not withstand high temperatures very well.

Last but not least: If you are camping far away from civilization (e.g. on a trekking site), you should think of toilet paper, garbage bags and a small shovel. Human excrement has no place in nature.

Sanikit: This must not be missing from your packing list

No matter how careful you are: shit happens. A proper first aid kit is therefore super important. There should definitely be a blister plaster set in there. Lifesaver for us! There's nothing more annoying than worn-out feet when there's still a long way to go to camp. In addition, we always have disinfectants, plasters, tweezers, scissors, bandages (especially important for a support bandage for cracked ankles!), painkillers and something against nausea (e.g. sunstroke) with us. 

rote HÄNG Hängematte

You can also prevent sunstroke simply by wearing a sun hat and drinking enough water. By the way, sunscreen is also a good idea, whether the sun is shining brightly or not - if you're outside all day you can still burn yourself. And: bug spray! Summer time is mosquito time, and otherwise that can be really annoying. So spray it properly and wear long clothes in the evening hours. 

Technology for your camping packing list

It's logical, but you might not think of it at first: It's dark in the forest at night. Really dark. Darker than in the city park. So be sure to pack a flashlight and spare batteries. Or you use your smartphone to light up. Your cell phone is your best friend on camping trips anyway: for navigating, as an entertainment program and as a camera to capture the beautiful moments. So a power bank is a must. Headphones are also included so that you don't disturb your travel companion or the animals with loud music (or the audio book to fall asleep) at night.

If something goes wrong: tools for your camping holiday

Being prepared for all eventualities is more important than usual when camping. After all, the nearest supermarket is often a bit further away. So take duct tape, a needle and thread and a pocket knife with you. This makes it easy to make small repairs - at least temporarily - and you don't have to cancel the camping trip right away 🙂


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