This is how you double the range of your HANG

You can easily double the range of your HANG with a second attachment including a carabiner. Super practical when the trees are too far apart again. In the video we show you how you can use a second knotless HANG suspension to double the range...

Oh right. By the way. What we wanted to ask you for a long time, but somehow always forgot: Do you already know...

Remote since 2014
... the HÄNG team🌳

No? Do not you know?! Then it's time! The most important things in brief: We've been around since 2014. HÄNG was operated from a van for the first 3 years. A lot has happened since then and our team has grown steadily. Even if the HÄNG office is no longer a van, we at HÄNG have always worked remotely and from all over the world.

What we stand for

"A world in which everyone wants and can experience adventures in the fresh air."

- HANG Outdoors

What we've done so far...

What else have we done...

Our year in review 2021

We at HÄNG look back on a particularly exciting year in which we have achieved and moved a lot together with you. Thanks and above all to you, we really tore something in 2021.

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Frau sitzt in einer Hängematte in Wald im Herbst
November 2021: Doing good for a month

We usually donate 2.5% of our profits. Each year. Already for several years. In November 2021 we even donated 5% of our profits. And on BLÄCK FRIDAY even the entire prize.

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We donated all profits on BLÄCK FRIDÄY

Also in 2020 we did not offer any discounts in our shop. Instead, we donated ALL PROFITS from sales that day to organizations & clubs close to our community's hearts.

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Are you interested in taking part? ✈️

We are always looking for fresh, new ideas and independent, creative and innovative people who want to help build something. We are a young team that has been working completely remotely and from anywhere in the world since 2014. With us you can still make a difference, implement your ideas, take responsibility and leave a noticeable impact...