Can we help you?

We are very sorry to see that you are not happy with your order. We would like to change this.

If an error or defect means that you cannot use your product, we will of course exchange it free of charge.

Even more possibilities:

However, we would also like to avoid unnecessary transport routes and counteract the destruction of B-goods. If you want to keep using your product but aren't 100% satisfied, we'd like you to get some alternatives offer. Just pick one.

a) You will receive a 50% voucher that you can redeem in our shop.

b) We will refund part of the purchase price as compensation.

c) We donate 50 trees on your behalf to the environmental protection organization Reforestation Projects is the leading NGO in the field of reforestation and pursues projects in all possible parts of the world to bind CO2 and create jobs.