Why parachute silk hammocks?


Our office is rolling

Maybe we are the first rolling company in Germany. Our office is an expanded ambulance, built in 1992. With WiFi.

With this we tour Europe and try to get to know as many of our customers personally as possible. Because hammocks are a product that only gets better with their use.

For us, this includes extensive testing of our products. Wherever they belong. Outside in nature. No matter whether beach, park or cliffs, there were hardly any places where we were not happy to have our hammocks with us.

And maybe you will see each other at a festival this year!


But why hammocks?

It all started with the desire for a sensible double hammock. But all there was was either   too bulky, too expensive or too small.

So we took matters into our own hands, designed, tested and sewed. Until we were satisfied. Suddenly the calls from the circle of friends were loud. Everyone also wanted a piece of rocking material.

And because you don't deny good friends a wish, we produced a few more. Til today.

For us, friends are everyone who wants a hammock. Because we think that you have to make life comfortable. No matter when, where or how.