HÄNG hammock made of parachute silk - weighs only 850g but holds 200kg



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In stock | ships worldwide - Relax anywhere with this ultra-light parachute silk hammock. Weighing in at only 850g weight, it is easy to just throw it in your pack and take it anywhere. Wether it's your garden, the park or a beach. Thanks to the innovative suspension with pre-sewn loops, you won't have to tie any knots and it doesn't matter how far apart the trees are. Just loop it, hook it and relax!

Bring it anywhere (nur 850g)

Each HÄNG is made of super tough parachute silk and comes with carabiners & suspension. It is so compact that you can always take it with you.

Carabiner 38g / Suspension 344g / Hammock 477g

Fits two persons (200kg)

How comfortable a hammock is depends on its size. That is why our HÄNG is significantly larger than the rest. With 5.1 sqm, your HÄNG has over 30% more lying surface than comparable hammocks. Boom. Comfy.

Set up in less than 60 seconds

The attached suspension has an innovative loop system for which you do not need any knots. Simply loop around, hook it in and relax.

Integrated stuff sack

The attached bag turns into a handy pocket. So you'll always have a place to put your drink but no the chance to lose anything.

Two trees per HÄNG

We have been a permanent partner of the Eden Reforestation project since 2019 and have committed to planting two trees for each hammock sold. Together with other partners, over 1,000,000 trees have been planted all over the world.

All you'll have to do is finding some trees. Look up, count the leaves and rejoice being a bit closer to the sun.

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Be comfy anywhere

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