Features | BÄG

Dirt and water repellent

With the spacious courier backpack made of robust tarpaulin (truck tarpaulin) you are prepared for every adventure. A heavy rain shower cannot harm your water-repellent BÄG. The waterproof zipper on the front pocket (12 cm x 22 cm) ensures that everything stays dry here too. 

Gentle on your back

With the ultra-light aluminum carabiner, you can attach your key with just one hand movement and carry it securely and within easy reach on the shoulder strap. The detachable chest strap protects your back when you are carrying heavy luggage or your BÄG accompanies you on long tours.  

Also holds big things

With the stable tensioning straps, you can either change the volume of the backpack or, for example, attach your yoga mat. On the side of the courier backpack you will find a waterproof bottle/umbrella holder. Leaked bottle in backpack? That's history from now on.

Laptop and well thought-out special compartments

The BÄG has many compartments, so you no longer have to search forever in a black hole. Your laptop has its own compartment in the padded back section (15 inches or max.: 38cm x 24cm). In the large compartment of the BÄG and on the outside on the front you will find two additional small compartments for all the things that you have always had to look for too long.

Upcycling at the shoulder straps

Unfortunately, material residues are produced during the production of the suspension for our hammocks. Now we have finally found a useful use. We use these scraps of fabric to stabilize the shoulder straps.

Product Details

A few facts are still missing: The BÄG weighs 998 grams. Rolled up, it has a volume of 16.2 liters (dimensions: 45cm x 27cm x 15cm), unrolled, the volume is 24 liters (dimensions: 60cm x 27cm x 15cm).

Whether it's big city life or an outdoor expedition - you can rely on your BÄG.