Hammock Calculator

Your ultra light Outdoor hammock from HÄNG.COM has arrived and you are wondering how best to attach it? With this hammock calculator you can calculate all important key figures. It doesn't matter whether you want to know how far apart the trees can be or how high the hammock has to be fixed and at what angle it hangs well. Simply enter all the values you know into the calculator. The remaining values are then filled in automatically. If something is still unclear, you are always welcome to ask us directly. Simply send an email to info@we-hang.com.

Ultraleichte Outdoor Hängematte von HÄNG.COM

The most important values at a glance:

The following data should give you a brief overview of how to best attach a hammock. Please note that the values apply to a hammock from HÄNG.COM. These are a bit larger and therefore more comfortable than the rest (but still lighter). For all other hammocks you can simply subtract a little from the values. 

  • distance between the trees: 2.7m - 6m
  • height of the suspension: 1.8m - 2.5m (the farther the distance, the higher)
  • hanging bracket: 25° - 45°
  • Length of the ridgeline (linear distance between the HANG - ends): 2.55m - 2,78m

The HÄNG - hammock calculator 

HANG - Hammock Calculator