Mann in im Winter einer HÄNG

Michael Kagerer

"Being outside and telling stories - that's my job"

Mann deckt sich mit einer Campingdecke im Winter zu
Mann in einer Winterlandschaft im Schnee

About Michael

Name: Michael Kagerer
Alter: 24
Residence: Munich
Favorite HÄNG product: die HÄNG
What you particularly like about HÄNG: HÄNG is a very open brand that also deals fairly with its partners.
Favorite outdoor spot: am Strand.
Your outdoor tip: Don't forget a change of clothes and the right shoes!
About you:
I'm Michael, I live in Munich and I've specialized professionally as a photographer/filmmaker in lifestyle and travel photography. My journey as a photographer started in New Zealand where I lived in a small car for 5 months. There I started to fall in love with nature and photography. When I came back to Europe, I kept shooting and never looked back. I later became a professional outdoor photographer. Today I spend most of my time producing photo and video content for leading brands around the world and creating visual stories for companies like Adobe, Timberland, Chopard, Jack Wolfskin, Merrel, Huawei but also for HANG.