3 ideas for outdoor adventures in spring

2 Frauen in einer schwarzen HÄNG Hängematte an einem See

Spring is the perfect time for new outdoor adventures after the long winter. It's time to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. Here are three great activities you can do in spring to create beautiful outdoor memories:

Hike: Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner, hiking is one of the best activities to do in spring. There are many beautiful hiking trails for you to explore, and many offer spectacular views. There are also many hiking trails suitable for beginners, so you can spend a day in nature without feeling overwhelmed. So pack comfortable shoes, a map or your mobile phone as a GPS and explore the landscape! For the perfect breather, consider your HANG pack up, so you can gather energy again, including the most beautiful view.

Mann in einer roten HÄNG Hängematte am Plansee in Tirol


Ride a bike: Biking is another great way to explore nature. There are countless cycling routes in Germany that you can explore - from quiet, flat trails to challenging mountain routes in the German Alps. Did you know that the total length of cycle paths on federal, state and district roads in Germany is approx 6,836 kilometers comes? So there's a lot to explore right on your doorstep.

A little tip: The HANG can be ideally clamped onto the luggage rack.

Have a picnic: Nothing says spring like a picnic in the park! Find a nice place to unwind and pack a basket of your favorite treats. Don't forget yours TIRE, pack some games and some friends! So you can make unforgettable memories with your friends or your loved ones and ring in spring at the same time.

Frau auf der Outdoor Decke von HÄNG Outdoors in Portugal zum Sonnenuntergang


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