Digital office - without fixed working hours. That is HÄNG Outdoors.

Gründer Tobi in einer roten Hängematte

A digital office without fixed working hours. All our employees have always worked fully remotely when and where they want to. Our founder Tobi founded HÄNG Outdoors in 2014 with the purpose: A world in which everyone wants and can experience adventures in the fresh air.

After a long thought about how to make your luggage lighter, Tobi came up with the hammock, which can easily replace the tent. After a long test and the ever-repeated question "Where is your hammock from?", Tobi decided to take matters into his own hands and perfect the hammock. Over the last few years, the team has grown and in addition to our co-founder Vincent, the team has grown to 12 employees in the core team.


In an interview with Marlene Wildelau and Moritz Rüger, Tobi gives even more exciting insights into the Founding of HANG, the type of company, the work-life balance, our sales and much more.