Adventures for everyday life: Microadventures

Abenteuer für den Alltag: Microadventures

Even if everyday life almost feels normal again - the situation remains rather strict, especially for travel and outdoor lovers: no festivals, no big trips, no adventures. Or?

New ways for adventurers

Times of crisis are never easy to handle. But then it usually only takes a little bit of creativity to get something positive out of such situations. And that's exactly what we're all about: if we have to cut back on travel and adventure as we know it... then for us it means that it's time to rethink and rethink our idea of vacation and experience shape.

Reisetagebuch, Stifte und Landkarte

The German poet Christian Morgenstern once said:

We don't have to go on living the way we lived yesterday. Let us free ourselves from this notion, and a thousand possibilities invite us to new life.”

Well, of course we admit that we may not be able to transform your entire life. But we have a few ideas for the near future that might interest you.

Microadventures: Adventures on your doorstep

Because here comes the solution for all your shattered travel dreams, the antidote for the canceled AirBnb bookings and the healing ointment on the wound of the canceled flights:

M I C R O A D V E N T U R E S.

Frau wandert durch die Berge

For all those who are now thinking “Micro-what?” here is the short version:

Adventures that everyone can experience in everyday life and in their surroundings than Outdoor experience on your own doorstep, literally as ‚Adventures that are close to home‘“ – (Alastair Humphrey, British writer)

You may have been feeling overwhelmed lately and the evening walk in the park around the corner wasn't that exciting anymore? We promise you: no matter where you are, there are 100 ways to create your own personal micro-adventure. And by the way: taking a look around in your own region is not only good for your wallet, but also for climate protection. Because we at HÄNG are firmly convinced that travel and adventure should not harm us or our environment. So let's go: Microadventures it is!

Microadventure-Tipp #1:
Hammock break in the forest

Doesn't that sound like an adventure at all? Wrong thought! Pack your HANG and off you go. We recommend: get on the next train by bike and start cycling again from the end station. So you can explore nature that you may not have explored before.

It’s particularly exciting as a solo traveler: turn off your cell phone, grab a book you’ve been wanting to read for ages or listen to one of the many meditation podcasts. Such a break alone in the forest can work wonders - especially now, when our normality is being put to the test and things are changing quickly, such a quiet retreat is just the right thing. And best of all: you don't need anything but yourself and yours HANG. Maybe another TIRE so you don't get too cold when it gets a little fresher 😉.

Are you curious about more microadventure tips? Over the next few weeks, we will keep introducing you to new tips & tricks for your own micro-adventures. But it works even better if you help us! Our local nature is diverse and the individual regions offer very different advantages and sights.

So if you already know of a place or a path or a small itinerary that you can definitely recommend, then please write to us We look forward to your suggestions! Together with HÄNG for a new and sustainable travel!

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