The best idea for this summer: vacation with the camper

Die beste Idee für diesen Sommer: Urlaub mit dem Camper

It is still important to keep your distance and only travel in small groups if possible. We all have to help prevent a second corona wave, but it's still summer season and we're ready for vacation. Unfortunately, many factors that go hand in hand with holidays are rather suboptimal this year. Accommodation must not be fully occupied, hygiene rules must be strictly observed, masks are compulsory on planes and trains and everything is somehow different and more complicated this year.

The campervan provides the perfect solution for this tricky situation. With the camper on vacation, it doesn't get any better than that. No stressful arrival by car, train or plane, no overpriced accommodations where we have to adhere to hygiene regulations, just load the van, open the windows and off we go!

Renting makes it possible

For many, this type of travel is a dream that usually does not come true, because such a huge car is hardly suitable for everyday use and campers are not exactly cheap either. For this reason, various providers have emerged in recent years from which it is very easy to rent a van. For example roadsurfer. Up to 5 people can travel in a camper, whether alone, with family or friends, everything is possible HANG open and spend the night between the trees under the open sky. 🌠

Hängematte bei Nacht

The whole HÄNG team is a fan, because we love everything about van life. The biggest advantage is independence! You can spontaneously decide every day whether you want to stay or continue your journey. If the planned route gets too long, just make a stopover and maybe discover a spot that you would never have found otherwise! And is there anything nicer than opening the tailgate in the morning and being right in nature - hardly! 😉

Every VAN needs a HANG

But maybe we're just such big fans because we think there's hardly a better gadget for the camper than a HANG. Whether in the parking lot, the campsite, in the mountains or by the lake, you will find two trees almost everywhere and then it says: HANG stretch, swing and enjoy. Sip a coffee from the French press in the hammock in the morning or look for the big scales in the starry sky in the evening. We just love the coziness in the hammock and as Balu the Bear has already sung: "Because happiness comes to you with coziness." 🦦

HÄNG zwischen zwei Bäumen vor einem Roadsurfer Van

And speaking of happiness... The roadsurfer team also believes that every camper needs a hammock and is therefore giving away a HANG on their canals. So if you would like to have one too, check it out now roadsurfer over and take the Contest part. 🎉

We wish you a bombastic summer, despite all the restrictions. Take care, stay healthy and make yourself comfortable in your HANG in front of the van or wherever! 🥰

Your HANG team

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