Goodbye Christmas stress - What is really important at Christmas

Weihnachtsstress adé - Was an Weihnachten wirklich wichtig ist

Outside, the fairy lights shine, the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree adorn the house. It's snowing in many parts of Germany and outside everything looks very Christmassy. But instead of a nice contemplative time, where you sit together with your loved ones and sip mulled wine, for many only the feeling of Christmas stress spreads. Be it in private life or due to work, the pre-Christmas period and the Christmas festival leave some nerves on edge and what is actually the most beautiful time of the year develops into a conflict-ridden and hectic marathon. A time when it's often about the perfect meal, the perfect gift and the perfect Christmas. And also about living up to the supposedly perfect expectations and demands of others and oneself. To cut a long story short: the whole of December is often a month when you feel uncomfortable and can't even get into the Christmas spirit. But why is that? Are our high expectations and demands to blame for this? Does the party really have to be expensive and a complete sensory overload? Or is there another way? What's really important about Christmas and maybe gets you more in the Christmas vibe, that's what matters. We find that these are often not material things at all. What is really important to us at Christmas - you can find out here. drei Deko-Tannenbäume stehend links im Bild mit Schnee auf weißem Hintergrund

Together with loved ones at Christmas

What's really more important than giving away any expensive gifts commercially is the time we spend together. The time with our loved ones. It doesn't matter whether Christmas is being celebrated as a couple or with all of the relatives. It doesn't matter if the table is set like Jamie Oliver's or the house looks like it's straight out of a teleshopping catalogue. It is important how you value and want to spend time with your loved ones.

Mann und Kind Arm in Arm und Weihnachtsmütze auf dem Kopf sitzen vor dem geschmückten Tannenbaum

 Christmas traditions in every family

Who doesn't know it: Every year a shovel is added. There are more presents, the house is more lavishly decorated, more cookies are baked, the advent calendar is more elaborate and woe betide, there is only one chocolate advent calendar from the nearest supermarket. Every year, Christmas becomes a single competition. A competition against each other or against the Christmas of previous years. But in our opinion, traditions don't need superlatives. What's the point of an elaborately placed Advent wreath when candles in old glass will do the trick? Why a lavishly filled, self-made advent calendar when the gesture counts? And who needs 27 presents? What really counts is what you make of these traditions yourself. Finding a middle ground that adapts to the circumstances of life and to give the given traditions a personal touch is much more important and nicer. 

zwei unterschiedlich große weiße Kerzen neben einem Adventsgesteck

Christmas atmosphere 

The inner cities are heavily decorated, fairy lights are twinkling everywhere and small stalls smell fresh of almonds, cinnamon and Christmas punch, it's snowing. To stand still for a short moment between all the hustle and bustle and to internalize this moment, to really feel it and to be there with all your senses. That's the best memory of that time. Not the expensive present under the tree or the richly set table.

blonde Frau schaut auf Lichterketten im Baum auf einem Weihnachtsmarkt

You and your own expectations and ideas of Christmas 

Often at Christmas we find ourselves doing things that others expect us to do. You often feel obligated to invite or visit relatives you don't like, get gifts you can't afford, engage in conflicts you would avoid, and accept invitations you don't want to accept . These socially assigned duties are usually tacitly accepted out of politeness or to please a person. But since this only increases the Christmas stress, it might be time to question these "duties" and take the right to waive them. Setting aside one's own expectations and ideas is also a common problem. What is important is how you imagine the holidays to be, to meet your own expectations and to do what you really feel like doing. Christmas should be beautiful and light-hearted, not a series of assigned duties and resulting frustration that you really don't feel like doing. No matter how you imagine your holidays to be, whether with your loved ones or just alone in your HANG, be confident and stand up to your expectations! For happy holidays you have to be completely satisfied yourself.

Mann liegend in schwarzer HÄNG Hängematte mit blauer DÄCKE Campingdecke im Schnee 

Sometimes it helps to stop and think about these things again. It doesn't matter who has the most money spent, the best gift, or the most elaborate meal. And if you pause for a moment and ask yourself who you're doing it for and whether there might be another way, you'll quickly notice: There's another way! As long as you are happy and healthy yourself, have the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, all other things are secondary. And maybe these new insights will make the holidays a little less stressful for the future.


How do your holidays look like and what counts for you at Christmas? Write us on Instagram! Or you still don't know how to spend your holidays? Take a look at ours YouTube-Kanal over, Greta and Paul will show you how easy it is to make a delicious winter chai. No matter what you decide, the HÄNG team wishes you and your loved ones a terrific Christmas and relaxing holidays!🎄