Winter barbecues - tips & ideas for your perfect barbecue party

Wintergrillen im Schnee, Lagerfeuer

Outdoor tips from the HÄNG team

Okay, admittedly, now may not be the best time to lie out in a hammock, and maybe not to do anything else either. 

But if you are in the mood for a great outdoor adventure, then I have the ultimate tip for you. Because what is more helpful in this weather than a nice warm fire and hearty food? Melina tells us today how you can enrich your time with good food and a very special experience in winter.

Melina in der Hängematte

Hi, I'm Melina! I am responsible for marketing at HÄNG and love to support our co-founder Vincent with a wide variety of tasks. Outside of HÄNG, I'm a real kitchen fairy and I'm happy to conjure up everything your heart desires and of course, thanks to my dad, I'm also the master grill par excellence. And for me, the barbecue season just doesn't end, just like the hammock season - after all, there's only bad clothing and no bad weather. Here I summarize what you need to consider for your barbecue party.

#1 The right company for your barbecue party

When the temperatures get icy, drizzle and snow alternate and it's cozy and warm inside, the majority of your friends will probably not be particularly enthusiastic about your upcoming barbecue party. Even if you have already pictured in your head how happily you are sipping mulled wine with your friends and you are all cheerfully sitting around a campfire or standing around a barbecue and the fresh powder snow crunches under your feet, you may be disappointed. if not everyone shares your enthusiasm. In order for this idea to come true, you should be careful who you invite. You're not doing frostbite any favors with an invitation and can unsettle even some hardy people. Rest assured that in such freezing temperatures you need a steadfast company. 


Freund:innen um den Grill stehend im Winter, Grillparty im Winter

 #2 The right clothes for every outdoor adventure

As with any other outdoor adventure, the same applies here: the onion look is your best friend. Pay attention to several layers of clothing on your body and of course WARM shoes. In a pinch, line the floor around standing or seating areas with cardboard to counteract the cold floor. In addition to the right clothes, warm blankets are a must-have. The TIRE keeps you warm thanks to artificial down and is perfect for the icy hours outside thanks to its water-repellent DWR coating. ❄️


HÄNG DÄCKE mit Lichterkette

#3 The grilling equipment and grill for your winter grilling

It is best to use a charcoal grill or a fire bowl or plate and plan more charcoal or fuel than in summer, as it is much more difficult to keep the temperatures constant in winter. These are available all year round in hardware stores or online. For a gas grill, you need an additional gas bottle (kept warm!) to replace the gas bottle that has cooled down while grilling. Also make sure to give your grill a wind-protected corner. A sheltered patio, yard, or a spot under trees would be ideal. 


Grill mit Baguette umgeben von Schnee

#4 The winter barbecue 

It is best to get thermal boxes for your barbecue experience to keep your grilled food warm until you eat together and assign your guests different tasks. This keeps everyone moving and the barbecue party becomes a shared experience. Also something to drink should not be missing! The best thing to do here is warm punch, cocoa or tea.☕️ The icing on the cake would of course be a warm goulash soup. What would go better with a warm sausage roll than that? 😍


Glühwein aufgewärmt am Lagerfeuer im Winter

#5 The perfect winter barbecue meal 

I personally love shashlik. Marinated the day before, skewered and thrown on the grill, it's a great way to quickly feed a lot of people. But vegetarian sausages, stick bread and mini potatoes are also great for this. At best, a warm soup or fried mushrooms are served with it. 😋


Ein Dutch Oven am Lagerfeuer hängend im Winter

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Now that you have all my tips for the perfect winter barbecue, I wish you a lot of fun and good luck. Don't have a grill handy? Then take part in our competition! You have the chance to win a grill and many other outdoor gadgets! You can also find all information about this on our social media channels or you can do it directly ➡️  HERE with. 


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