Friday the 13th - About failure in the HANG team

Freitag, der 13. - Übers Scheitern im HÄNG Team

Bitter disappointments, botched exams, embarrassing performances and missed opportunities. Or your favorite crockery that you broke due to a stupid mistake. All of this is by no means a cause for sorrow.

Also with us in HANG Team trial and error is something that accompanies us every day. It's not always all sunshine and roses in the start-up scene. Setbacks and mistakes are always part of it. But it depends on how you deal with it. A real learning culture does not mean being ostracized for mistakes, but rewarded for courage. After all, innovations begin with mistakes. And that's exactly what drives our New Work flow on. We want to promote this learning culture and fill it with life. And with our own small and large stories of failure.

Failure at HÄNG Outdoors:

Daily learning and personal training are things that accompany us every day in our remote office. In order to keep getting better, we all work together not only on professional blockages, but also on our personal weaknesses in quarterly meetings and support each other with tips and tricks. Mistakes and obstacles are part of it. And we just want to get better at understanding our mistakes.

So over the last week we asked our teammates if they would like to share their stories of failure with our community. And our dear four colleagues Enya, Lea, Sofia & Tanita have agreed to tell us their personal failure story. So that you can relax completely in the HANG lean back, we have simply summarized them here. 

"For as long as I can remember, I've been failing at my hairdressing appointments and I'm basically never satisfied with the result - I've currently got a complaint going on. The hairdresser once shaved my neck off, even though I didn't want it to. Instead of a soft blonde balayage coloring, yellow block stripes already adorned my head. It doesn't matter whether I have straight or curly hair: I stand angry and sad in front of my mirror and imagine the beautiful experiences that I could have had with all the money." (enya)

“For years I dreamed of traveling the world in a camper van. I looked for a new job that made this possible, bought a bus with my boyfriend and expanded it myself, sold all my belongings and gave them away, gave notice of my apartment and moved into our bus. After only a few weeks I realized - vanlife is not for me. I am currently looking for a suitable apartment and I am really looking forward to moving into an apartment again!” (Lea)

"Every time after tidying up, I resolve to keep it tidy this time. Well - what can I say. After a week at the latest (and that's a long time for me) it usually looks worse on me than before clean up... (Sofia)

 "In the first semester of my bachelor's degree, I thought it would be wise to optimize my study time. In concrete terms, that meant: How lazy can I be and still get through? Well, and then I failed the first exam right away 😀 Luckily I wasn't alone . A fellow student and I then got together and crammed together EVERY DAY for six weeks. It was worth it: We both passed the second attempt with an A and are still great friends to this day. 🙂" (Tanita) 

The HANG failure story:

It doesn't matter what the reason is: what matters is how you deal with it and that you learn from it. Or that you can just laugh about it afterwards. And maybe our personal failure stories will help you to not take life so hard. Our two founders, Vincent and Tobi, also faced setbacks and obstacles in the first few years of HANG. You can also find everything about her personal failure story here


Give yourself a break from failure...relax in the HANG: