World BeeDay - What can I do to help the bees?

World BeeDay - Was kann ich tun um den Bienen zu helfen?
It's spring, the sun is shining, the sky is cloudless. In front of the front door you can already hear the birds chirping and as soon as you sit on your picnic blanket lays on the grass, you can hear the buzzing of many insects. And maybe a bee will fly past. However, the bee is slowly but surely becoming a rare visitor. The reason for this is the enormous bee deaths all over the world. And because life without bees would be unthinkable, May 20th was established by the United Nations as World Bee Day. 

Why are bees important?

Without bees there is no pollination of flowers and therefore no fruit, vegetables, herbs or grains. Bees are important to our ecosystem and promote the growth of flowers and fruits. The World Bee Day therefore highlights the importance of bees, but also that of other pollinators.

Why is World Bee Day so important?

Many plants and trees only flower or bear fruit after they have been pollinated. And the wild bee that flies from flower to flower is important for this. In Germany alone there are over 560 different bee species and unfortunately a third (!) of wild bees are already on the list of endangered species. The reasons for her death are complex. Habitat destruction and the use of pesticides are among the biggest factors. 

How can we address species extinction as a society?

As with many other environmental issues, this is about a rethink. Each individual can already make a difference with a more conscious lifestyle. Whether it's honey from the region, seasonal foods, not using pesticides, sometimes it's just the little things that have a big effect. It is also important to always rinse the honey jars thoroughly before the empty honey jar goes into the glass container. In autumn, the bees fly onto the honey residues in the glass container and thus carry deadly diseases to the local colonies. By rinsing the jars you stop the spread of foreign bee diseases like American foulbrood. 

What can you do to help bees in your area? 

Grab a friend and visit your local garden center. There is a huge selection of different flower seeds. But please make sure that the flower mixture fits - not everything that blooms also helps the bees. After visiting your trusted gardening store, you can start looking for a suitable spot for a flower meadow. Please also note that you cannot simply plant every meadow without being asked. In the end, the local soccer field fell victim to the bees. 😂 After planting your new flower meadow, you can also take a break and marvel at your sea of ​​flowers in the hammock for two. 🌻