Get out of the hammock - onto the surfboard!

Raus aus der Hängematte - rauf auf's Surfbrett!

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What does the #SCHWINGERCLUB love more than hammocks? Real talk: actually nothing. But if we *had* to choose, we would probably answer: Being in nature! And that would actually no longer be a decision against hammocks 😁 but just a generalization. But because you can do a thousand other cool things in nature than just hanging out, we present some here in the blog from time to time. The last time we have each other Mountaineering à la Reinhold Messner watched - already read?

Today we continue with John John Florence and surfing.

Because: Today is John John Florence's birthday. Happy Birthday!

John John Florence: One of the best surfers in the world, outdoor lover par excellence

John John Florence Surfer

The 29-year-old grew up on Oahu, a Hawaiian island. His direct neighbor? Surf legend Kelly Slater. Florence is standing on a surfboard for the first time when he is not yet a year old. Okay - standing might be an exaggeration 😀 But with the help of his mother Alexandra, who also surfs herself, it worked quite well.

At the age of eight, he attracts attention for surfing the Hawaiian pipeline. Surfer Jamie O’Brien observed him at the time and remembers: "I saw him out there and I thought, oh god, he's so young, he's going to be taken apart. And he was. But he never gave up."

The consequence of never giving up: In the next few years he developed into one of the world's best surfers. At just 19 he wins the Triple Crown of Surfing. The list of his successes could be continued for a long time - even if he had to pause again and again in recent years due to various injuries. Most recently, he was eliminated from the preliminary round of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where surfing was an Olympic discipline for the first time, due to a cruciate ligament injury. But honestly: riding waves with a broken cruciate ligament? Should one imitate him first!

Surfing, the all-rounder among outdoor workouts

Olympic surfing is a great workout, but it may not necessarily be feasible for everyone. But it doesn't have to be. Shouldn't be the goal either (unless your name is John John Florence 😉 ). For most of us, everything that is fun is allowed. These can be super waves, but they can also be the Eisbach wave in Munich. But be careful: As a beginner, it is best to stay close to the shore and avoid really big waves for the time being.

Kanal surfing in Deutschland

Whatever you decide, one thing is certain: surfing is a great way to add variety to your outdoor adventures. Whether on your own doorstep or on a short vacation in France. Such a surfboard is relatively easy to transport, and there are now often good surf spots in locations that are not by the sea.

By the way: almost all muscle groups are used when surfing. Triceps, biceps, back, abs, legs - everything is trained at the same time. By the way, you also improve your balance and endurance.

The best part? Surfing is great fun. So you don't even notice that it's a workout. Well, or only afterwards, when the muscles start to hurt 😉 It's also super relaxing to swing on the board in the sea with a view of the horizon.

Added Bonus: Where there is water, there are usually trees (or palm trees). A short break in the hammock so nothing stands in the way 😊

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