Out with you! How to spend more time in nature

Raus mit euch! Wie du mehr Zeit in der Natur verbringen kannst

There she is, your brand new one hammock. You had imagined it all so beautifully: being outside all the time, with fresh air around you nose, relaxed swing in the evening. And then this: the end of the working day is here and the weather is getting worse. Or, straight now in autumn, it's just pitch black outside. Or you had one super long day and are complete k. HE. Should you therefore on your five minutes of fresh air and give up outdoor adventures? NO! The complete opposite is the case. we betray you why - and above all, how you can spend more time outside, despite the stress of everyday life.

Small outdoor adventures are healthy

If you're still looking for a reason to spend more time outside - or need to convince your friend - look no further! We have collected the best arguments for outdoor time here:

  1. Time we spend in nature relaxed.
    The Japanese are leading the way: forest bathing is a recognized form of therapy there. With good reason - because consciously enjoying the forest has been proven to lower the stress hormones in the body. It's good for the heart (both literally and figuratively). In addition, happy hormones are released at the same time.
  2. In addition to all the happy hormones, you also give your body vitamin D outside.
    Fun fact: the body cannot produce vitamin D on its own, but needs exposure to the sun to do so. It even works when it's cloudy outside.

    HÄNG Hängematte am See hängend

  3. It doesn't have to be a blatant expedition.
    Sure, if that's your thing - go for it! But you don't have to spend hours climbing mountains or hiking through the forest. Studies show that time in nature is beautiful after 15 minutes has positive effects.
  4. You don't even have to be active.
    All sloths among us can breathe a sigh of relief: Being outside is healthy, whether you move or not. The pheromones that trees give off activate the killer cells in our body and give the immune system a proper boost. Some studies even assume that this effect can help prevent cancer 😮

    Integrate outdoor time into everyday life 

    Now that we've clarified have that spending time outside is ALWAYS worthwhile, getting to the real question: how do you manage to get out more?

    Real talk: We know how it's difficult to juggle everything. Household, work, maintaining an intact social life at the same time, doing sports and calling mum from time to time. Oof! And of course there are some things that just go inside. To clean the bathroom example 😫. But the good news is: (Almost) everything else can be moved outside without any problems.

    Mann lesend in roter HÄNG Hängematte

    Spend more time outside at work

    Of course, this is easiest if you can work remotely. In many cases, employers do not conclude a home office agreement with their employees, but a mobile work agreement. This has the advantage for them that they do not have to check and approve your office. And for you that means: Work in the park! Or at the lake! Or wherever you want. Just take your laptop with you hammock open and let's go.

    But even if you commute to the office, university or school every day, you can maximize your outdoor time. Instead of taking the car or the train drive, could you, for example, walk or ride a bike. Or why not move the lunch break - or the next zoom meeting - to the meadow in front of the office? Anything is allowed:the Chef:in allowed - and above all, what is fun and easy for you to integrate into everyday life.

    More time outside after work

    Back to the scenario from the beginning: you call it a day, you are really looking forward to being in nature, you are driving home - and it's dark. And not only dark - it is autumnal cold. What now? Don't give up! Nevertheless, grab your hammock and a fluffy warm one Ceiling, put something warm on and off you go! Even in autumn you can super beautiful Experience moments in nature, and the fresh air is just as good as in summer. Bonus tip: Bring hot chocolate in a thermos with you. Name is Chocolate = liquid happiness hormones. And when you're not drinking, you can use the thermos as a hot-water bottle.

    Frau auf dem Balkon sitzend mit Wärmflasche und DÄCKE im Herbst

    In general, we try to move as many activities outside as possible - basically everything that is not tied to fixed rooms. Listen to your favorite podcast? go out! call mom? go out! meditate? go out! You get the point 😁 Strictly speaking, there's almost nothing you have to do inside. (Okay, maybe except cleaning the bathroom.) But a lot of it is just habit. And habits can be changed. That's why we're simply moving our next date night to the balcony. Stargazing, drinking red wine and cuddling under the DÄCKE - hello, is there anything more romantic? 😍

    You want your own DÄCKE to cuddle with? ⬇