Relax in the hammock: tips from the HÄNG team

In der Hängematte entspannen: Tipps vom HÄNG Team

Are you ready for the hammocks-Season? Admittedly, for us it's all year round hammocks Season. And that's exactly why we've become something like hanging professionals in recent years and know the best spots, tricks and tricks and have a lot of ideas for how swinging can be an unforgettable experience.

For everyone who is brand new to the hammocksgame - or are simply looking for inspiration - we collect our favorite hammock tips from the team every month.

Tip #2 for Justina's hammock

Hi, i am justina At HÄNG I take care of cooperations, support the recruiting process and enjoy the fact that we can try out many things independently and spontaneously. If I find we need one team page, then I have the freedom to simply approach and implement the project.

After Jan in Hammock tip #1 his Playlist shared with you, this month I have the honor to share my ultimate tip. So let's go! 🙂 

Frau liest buch in Hängematte

When I'm lying in the hammock, I prefer to do it by the water. Honestly, is there anything better than splashing around on a sunny day and then relaxing your body and soul in the HANG to dangle? Right, neither for me! 🙂 After lying around for 10 minutes, I usually fall asleep or I get bored. If the latter happens, I either listen to a podcast or I grab a book – both perfect for the hammock! (Honestly, nobody finds reading on a half-wet towel on the floor super nice in the long run, right?) Lately, the choice has been falling more and more often on the book, because I played through the podcast game in the third Corona wave and read it just relaxes me more than constantly listening to people chatting. 😉

So my tip for the hammock is: READ BOOKS 📚

Okay, so I'll flesh that out a little more and recommend three books that have kept me busy, amused, or just entertained lately. 

Complete goosebumps from Sophie Passmann
The descriptions and observations in this book make me laugh on the one hand and on the other hand they also make me feel concerned. Sophie Passmann describes my generation and I often feel caught, which is annoying in a way, but also entertains me a lot. The emotional world that this book got me into while reading is a bit reminiscent of the emotions of "jerks." look, only differently and less to bite the sofa. 

Americanah von Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
This book kept me busy for a long time. The novel was published in 2015, but the highly political issues are still topical and super relevant. Everyone should be interested in identity and racism, and books like these are invaluable. Also, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie works the themes into an achingly beautiful love story and the overall work is truly fabulous! 😉

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
This book is wild! It's about growing up, about art, but also about a certain milieu within American society... I've rarely put a book down and was so clearly aware of what I was reading. This book is super exciting and has 1024 pages, perfect for three days straight in the HANG! 

For extensive synopses of content and detailed book reviews, just ask Ecosia or go to your local library/bookstore. I can only say that these three books are serious tips on my part.

If you also have tips for browsing for me and the other bookworms among us, just use the #inderhang and link us to Instagram

I hope you like my tips, see you soon & happy reading!