Hanging a hammock without trees: With these tips you can hang out anywhere

Hängematte aufhängen ohne Bäume: Mit diesen Tipps kannst du überall abhängen

You're really in the mood to spend your lunch break casually in the hammock - but there aren't any trees in sight? Don't worry - you can do it without it. It doesn't matter whether it's a nap on Sunday, a break during a hike or just because: In the HANG you can also hang out when there is no tree at hand. Here are our favorite places to hang out - (almost) without a tree!

Hang up a hammock in the apartment

Trees are less common in your own four walls anyway 😉 That's why you don't have to do without hanging out! If you also want to use your hammock indoors, you have various options.

First our favorite (and team-tested) variant: use ceiling beams! It really couldn't be easier: suspension loop around the beam, lash it down, hook in HANG and you're done.

HÄNG Hängematte Dachwohnung Dachbalken Dachgeschoss Flat Apartment

If you don't have roof beams but have enough space, you can get yourself a fancy hammock stand. With a bit of manual skill, you can also try to make one yourself. Make sure the hammock attachment points are at least 9 feet apart. If the distance is less, you run the risk of dragging your butt on the floor. 😳

Alternatively you can hammock can also be attached to the walls or ceiling. The prerequisite is, of course, that your walls can withstand the load. With the exception of drywall, almost every building structure is actually load-bearing. If in doubt, just ask the landlord or the property management.

PS shhh Here we have posted a super secret video from Vince from Team HÄNG, who doesn't even know that this video is even online. So please don't tell him 💀. And of course, don't try this at home. You could seriously injure yourself! This is only for absolute abHÄNG professionals!

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Hang a hammock on the balcony

Hanging up in the apartment sounds like too much stress? No problem! Then you can easily hang your HANG on the balcony. How? Just watch Lea's Tik Tok video about it...

@haeng.outdoors No balcony furniture, no problem 🤞🏽👀 #outdoor #hammock #balconies #balcony idea #hang #outdooridee #summeridean #summerideas ♬ Original sound - Mrwas gehtsiedasan✌️

Don't have a hammock yet? Or do you want to get a new one? Or are you looking for a gift? Then get yourself a HANG. The mother of all hammocks. Since 2014. ⬇️

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Hanging a hammock on the beach

Have you found a fantastic, lonely bay for your day at the beach, but there are no trees or palm trees far and wide? Then see if there is an (unused) beach volleyball field. The poles are great!

Your lonely bay is but *so* lonely that there is no beach volleyball court? Then just take a little walk on the beach and see if you can find driftwood or sticks. Then simply dig them into the ground and you can start hanging out!

HÄNG Hängematte Strand Beach Dunes

Fasten the hammock to the van

HÄNG Hängematte am Camper

On a weekend trip with a camper, the journey is known to be the goal - so you have the advantage here that you can stop exactly where there are enough trees. And if in doubt, a tree is sufficient. Because: If you park near the tree with a little distance, you can loop one end of the suspension around the tree and attach the other end to the bus.

By the way, there are more tips for van life and outdoor adventures every week in our YouTube-Vlog my Greta & Paul.

 Isn't there a tree nearby? Then you can simply attach the HÄNG to the frame of your van. As Lea shows you in the video below...

@haeng.outdoors trust 🤌🏼 the 🤌🏼 process 🤌🏼 #outdoor #vanlife #hammock #favoriteplace ♬ Whats this I like it Picasso Yeah datway - ReefaTV

Hammock in the tree?!

It does not work? Go well! Leah tried it. Check out the video below ⬇️

@haeng.outdoors already done? 🦥 #outdoor #adventure #hammock #Relaxation ♬ original sound - Adam

Hammock on scaffolding, signs or bridges

You don't have your own garden (with trees) and the nearest park is somehow too far away? Then it's time to be inventive! Pro tip: Almost any metal construction is suitable for attaching a HANG to it. Scaffolding around the corner? Suspension bridge over a river? Or (fixed!) street signs? Easy! That makes waiting for the tram a thousand times more relaxed. 

OK, admitted. These variants are for the crazy ones among us. Attention: Don't try this at home! Don't try it at home (or on the go). This is only intended for absolute abHÄNG professionals. We warned you!


Under the circumstances, the train can be delayed more often 😮 💨 ##fyp ##HANG ##schwingerclub ##Cologne

♬ Sky and Sand - Paul Kalkbrenner

Cool ideas for your hammock?! Get a HANG and try it out... ⬇️

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Hang the HANG on the scaffolding

The boys and girls on the construction site will envy you. Alternatively, you can also use one HANG-Start rental, which could represent a small but nice side business, especially in the summer months...

@haeng.outdoors sometimes you just have to HANG on the scaffolding #fyp #passau #HANG #schwingerclub #unusual ♬ Sky and Sand - Paul Kalkbrenner


Please, please, please. Don't do that. This is extremely dangerous and can end badly. So please take a quick look. And do NOT imitate. Thanks!

@haeng.outdoors Would you like to hang out there? 🤯🦥🚝 *don't imitate* #outdoor #hammock #hammock #train ♬ original sound - YTOMusic

HANGING over a bridge 😂

OK. That's okay with save. It's fun too. And is really low risk! But it can annoy one or the other passer-by. Nevertheless, let's go! What's life without a little risk?

@haeng.outdoors SUSPENSION BRIDGES chill #foryou #schwingerclub #HANG ♬ Wuki Remix World Caves In - wüki

Are you looking for even more crazy places to hang up your HANG? Then have a look here on the blog over. We collected even more crazy places:

With these tips, you should have no problem finding a spot to hang out. We think you can relax anywhere.

But real talk: Of course there is something very special about trees. That's why we plant two trees with our partner, the Eden Reforestation Projects, for every HANG sold - so that we can all enjoy nature for as long as possible. 

New hammock?! The HANG. Since 2014! ⬇️