Relax in the hammock: how the HANG swings by itself

In der Hängematte entspannen: Wie die HÄNG von alleine schaukelt

Tips from the HÄNG team

Spring is hammock time. Summer is hammock time. But: Late summer is also hammock time - even if it sometimes gets a bit cooler in the evenings. Real talk: For us it's the whole year anyway hammocks-Season. And that's exactly why we've been in recent years like this How hanging pros and know the best spots, tricks and tips. We have super many Ideas on how to make swinging an unforgettable experience - and every month we share a few of them with you. Today our co-founder Vincent reveals where and how he likes to hang out.

Vincent Hommel HAENG Co-Founder
Hi I am Vincent! At HÄNG, I take care of everything related to the products: from development to production and improvement. Of course, this also includes constantly testing the products yourself. That means I chill very often in the HANG 😁. I even have one hanging in my living room.

Relaxing use of the hammock outdoors: this is how it gets really comfortable

If I want to put up my hammock outdoors, my absolute favorite spot is the banks of the Isar in Munich - either in the south near the zoo or in the north above the Chinese Tower. There you have your peace and it is super relaxed. I always have a pillow with me for that little kick of extra comfort. Ideal for a little nap during the lunch break!

Study in the hammock

HÄNG Hängematte Isarufer Isar München

After a power nap in the HANG I am usually really deeply relaxed and feel much fresher. Logical consequence: Use the stress-free moment when I'm more receptive than usual to do something for the brain. That's why I always have a non-fiction book with me. Post-Its and highlighters to mark important passages can be stowed super easily in the stuff bag of the HANG. The book, by the way, if you don't feel like continuing your education anymore 😉

In general, I pack everything I want to have at hand directly into the stuff sack. Anything that doesn't fit in there stays in BEG - and I'll put that right under me. Because once I'm lying comfortably, it's not so easy to get me out of the hammock.

The hammock swings as if by itself

Last but not least: how does the hammock swing by itself? If you really slouch in the HANG, you may not be able to touch the ground with your feet to push yourself off. My insider tip: Dog and TIRE take along! While I'm chilling in the HANG, my four-legged friend can cuddle on the DÄCKE. And if you attach the dog leash to the carabiner of the HANG, you are gently pushed when the dog explores the area 🐶 And in the end everyone benefits from it.

Hund auf DÄCKE Campingdecke Picknickdecke von HÄNG

Fancy testing your own hammock?