Hiking with a dog: With these must-haves it's relaxed

Wandern mit Hund: Mit diesen Must-haves wird's entspannt

Outdoor tips from the HÄNG team

Hello November 👋 It's pretty cold and gray outside, and somehow we don't like spending hours in the HANG relax. (Unless it's hanging in the living room. Or on vacation down south.)

And now? We don't see any reason to cancel the outdoor adventures! For us, after the hammock season is not just before the hammock season - it's simply a time when we do other things outside. For example hiking.

Admittedly, autumn hikes aren't always about admiring red and gold foliage and enjoying the sun. But it can still be fun. For example, if you take a four-legged companion with you. Our Sofia does that often and wouldn't want to do without it.

Sofia mit Hund in der Hängematte liegend

Hi, I'm Sofia! At HÄNG, I'm for him customer service responsible. Outside of HANG, I'm the crazy dogmom who has to take her dog with me everywhere. When I was a small child, my parents pulled me into the mountains and now I pull my dog ​​into the mountains and meanwhile I go small via ferratas with him. But what are my and our absolute must-haves so that “hiking with a dog” is a success and fun for everyone? I picked out our top 3 for you.

Hiking with a dog? Not without my DÄCKE

My absolute must-have, especially when it gets colder or we are very high up: the TIRE. Before that, I always carried an insulating mat on my backpack and also had a dog coat with me for the summit. In the meantime I only have the DÄCKE with me and I am super happy. On the one hand, I now have more space and have to carry significantly less weight with me, since the DÄCKE weighs just 750g and the stuff sack makes it very small.

Not only can the dog sit on it, but we immediately have a blanket with us that we can all snuggle up with when it gets windy and cold. Very practical, especially with the summit beer 😉

In addition, the DÄCKE is dirt- and water-repellent, so ideal with a dog. After the hike, clean it with a damp cloth and it looks like new 😊

You can also simply hang it on the outside of your backpack – if, like me, you just can't pack and want to be prepared for every eventuality.

The right harness for hiking with a dog

A good harness that you can use to lift and support the dog in an emergency is key. In our weight class of 50 kg, the search wasn't all that easy, but we found what we were looking for here too.

A little tip for the lazy among you: There are harnesses that are combined with a backpack for dogs. In this way, the dog can carry part of the luggage itself on multi-day tours.

Snacks for hiking tours with dogs

I don't think I need to say much about that. Let's just let the picture speak for itself.

Hund mit DÄCKE

Fancy your own outdoor blanket?