Warm through the winter: tips for you and your outdoor gear

Warm durch den Winter: Tipps für dich und dein Outdoor Gear

Ice Ice Baby! It's getting cold outside - and with it the kind of outdoor adventures we experience are changing. Chilling in the hammock for hours? It works, but it's not for everyone. With a few tricks and tweaks it will still be a relaxed experience. We'll tell you how. And if you don't feel like going on outdoor adventures in winter, we'll tell you how best to let HANG, DÄCKE and Co. spend the winter.

Casual outdoor adventures in winter despite the frosty temperatures

Our feel-good temperature in the HANG is around 20 degrees. Unfortunately, we are miles away from that at the moment. What to do? Chilling in the hammock still works - if not for several hours at a time. Depending on how hardy you are, of course. Sure, you can actively harden yourself and take cold showers more often. But let's be honest: is that nice? Is not it!

Instead, just remember Mom's advice from before and DRESS WARM. Singlet, t-shirt, sweater, jacket, scarf. It is important that you put on several layers. The air between the layers provides additional insulation and ensures that not so much body heat is lost. This also has the advantage that you can put on or take off any layer if it gets too warm.

Mann in HÄNG Hängematte liegend im Winter mit Schnee im Hintergrund

Second tip to experience beautiful winter adventures in the HÄNG: Warm drinks. Maybe not mulled wine 😉 because alcohol widens the blood vessels and you lose more heat as a result. Even if it doesn't feel like it, alcohol promotes hypothermia. So it's better to switch to hot tea or cocoa. Tastes just as delicious and keeps you warm on the inside. Another advantage: You can warm your hands on it.

We definitely recommend an underquilt for anyone who wants to chill in the HÄNG for a longer period of time, even when the temperature is below zero. This is a kind of sleeping bag for the hammock that you stretch underneath. It provides additional insulation and also keeps icy winds off your bum. We always use ours to make it nice and cuddly from above TIRE with. It keeps you just as warm as a sleeping bag. Pro tip: thermos flask under the DÄCKE = camping heater for free. 

By the way: The DÄCKE has a DWR coating. Moisture doesn't stand a chance. And if the HÄNG gets a bit of snow, it dries in no time at home. Without a tumble dryer.


Make outdoor equipment winter-proof: you should pay attention to this

Don't feel like enjoying the winter wonderland in the HANG? It's okay as well. In that case, simply put your outdoor equipment into hibernation in a dry place.

Outdoor Equipment Hängematte im HÄNG Stuffsack gepackt

Very important: Check beforehand that everything is really dry. Nothing is more annoying than being surprised by mold stains in spring. If in doubt, you can HANG air it through overnight beforehand to be on the safe side. Then just stow it in the stuff sack and off you go.

The TIRE best to take them out of their stuff sack and lay them loosely together, or pack them in a large pillowcase. The compression of the stuff sack is not quite as good when stored for months.


P.S.: Even winter haters have to step outside at some point. Therefore, the following applies to everyone: Put on waterproof shoes and/or impregnate them. And refresh regularly. Tested for you: Even snow and permanent gray are easier to endure with warm, dry feet.


Now a quick DÄCKE, before winter comes? Please!