Outdoor blanket dirty? How to wash your DÄCKE

Outdoordecke dreckig? So wäschst du deine DÄCKE

Now there's nothing better than spending an hour at the lake, having a picnic with friends or taking a break while hiking. But since summer in Germany is also associated with many rainy days and muddy ground, your loved one could Outdoordecke have gotten dirty. What are you doing now? Wash of course! And how you yours Favorite Leisure Blanket you can find out how to wash properly here. 


How often do I have to wash my DÄCKE? 

The same applies here as with all (artificial) down: as often as necessary and as little as possible. You don't have to wash your picnic blanket after every use. Thanks to the DWR coating, the TIRE even water and dirt repellent. Lea has already shown on our TikTok channel that your favorite outdoor blanket can even withstand coke. 


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How do I wash my DÄCKE?

It is best to wash your outdoor blanket by hand in a bathtub. If your DÄCKE was heavily soiled, it's okay if you make an exception and wash it in the washing machine. Just make sure that it doesn't end up in a top loader and that you choose the gentle program without spinning (0-30 degrees). After that, it is sufficient if you only select Rinse & Spin once. 
watch out! Please avoid Fabric softener - use a special detergent for down instead (⅓ is enough). 

How do I dry my DÄCKE?

To get the most out of your outdoor blanket, you're doing it the greatest favor by simply letting it dry outside.
To help it dry better, simply turn it over and shake it out. Even if your DÄCKE seems dry, it is better to leave it outside a little longer so that you can be sure that the Outdoordecke is really dry. 


How do I store my DÄCKE correctly? 

Be gentle with your DÄCKE - if it's dry and clean and you don't need it for a long time, feel free to pack it in the largest pillowcase you have. Please do not store them permanently in the stuff sack - this can impair the warming effect. 


As you can see, washing your DÄCKE is not rocket science and with the right care you will be able to enjoy your new leisure blanket for a long time. Your DÄCKE has been freshly washed and you are still lacking ideas? Then have a look here. There you will find our ideas for your summer/spring with your outdoor blanket.

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