Children's day ideas

Ideen zum Kindertag

Service message: Next week is children's day! If you believe the little ones, it's every day anyway 😉 but then officially on June 1st. Fun fact: There are even two children's days in Germany! Today we will tell you why that is and how you can make your youngest ones happy.

Why are there two children's days?

In Germany, children's day is not only celebrated on June 1st, but also on September 20th. That's easy to explain: June 1 has been Children's Day since 1950 in Soviet-style countries - including the GDR. He became as "Day of struggle for the happy and peaceful future of all children" understood and celebrated with gifts and festivals. Even regular school operations were suspended that day.

Kleine Kinder halten sie an den Haenden und stehen im Kreis auf einer Wiese

Since 1954 there has also been a children's day in Germany - on September 20th. It goes back to a UNICEF proposal to draw attention to children's rights.

Since German reunification, Children's Day has been celebrated twice a year.

The sad news: Unfortunately, World Children's Day is not a public holiday. So if you plan something for the kids, you have to take a day off for it.

Gifts for Children's Day

It doesn't matter on which day your family celebrates Children's Day, or whether it's once or twice - at some point the question arises as to what to give as a present.

For example, there is a full portion of adventure with one of your own hammock. And that's actually a win-win for everyone: a great adventure playground for the children, and a great place to relax for the parents when the going gets tough.

Eine Frau und ein Kleinkind sitzen in einer roten Haengematte am Strand

But we think: It doesn't have to be anything big! There are plenty of other occasions when you can give a new bike as a gift 😉 World Children's Day counts - similar to Mother's Day - rather the gesture.

If you want to give something away, it can be a little thing. Depending on your child's age, this can be a new book, painting materials, modeling clay or building blocks. Teens may be more happy about a voucher for their preferred streaming service.

Speaking of vouchers: Why not give away a voucher for tasks that the kids usually do around the house? Setting the table, putting away the dishwasher or tidying up the room - everyone is happy to be lazy once in a while 😊

celebrate children's day

Picknickdecke in blau und grün liegt auf einer Wiese. Darauf sitzt und liegt eine Gruppe von Freunden.

In general, may apply on World Children's Day "Children to Power". On this one day of the year, let your youngest decide what you do. ice cream for breakfast? Convert the bed into a bouncy castle? Camping all day in a homemade pillow cave? Why not!

Or you go on an adventure with your family and break out of your everyday life. How about a bike trip to the lake around the corner? For that extra touch of micro-adventure, lunch is served on the TIRE picnicked.

Can it be one size bigger? Then of course you can also host a children's day party. Theme parties like superheroes or pirates go down well with most. Or you are planning a scavenger hunt through the park - rest in the hammock including!


Are you still missing the right hammock for children's day? You can change that now! ⬇️