ICE ICE BABY: Ice bathing and HÄNG

ICE ICE BABY: Eisbaden und HÄNG

What became a new trend as a result of the lockdown has a long-standing tradition in Russia: the festival of the  Epiphany (Russian: Kreschtschenie) is initiated by several thousands of thick-skinned Russians every year by jumping into the deep end. But not only the Russian population likes to bathe in ice-cold water - ice bathing is also available here! Even if the temperatures are not inviting for diving into cold water - here are our tips directly from the extended HÄNG team:

Mann mit blauer Badehose springt in einen See im Winter

Ice bathing and its benefits 

Short swimming trunks, gray weather and snow everywhere. Yes, most of them will probably not be happy and motivated to pack their bathing suits for the nearest lake. Or even think about it. But: Ice bathing is not only a totally crazy trend, but also super healthy. The body has to adapt to the sudden changes in temperature and tries to maintain its body temperature. As a result, the blood circulates faster, the vessels contract and the circulation has to stabilize quickly. This strengthens the immune system, stimulates blood circulation and prevents possible infections. Ice bathing will awaken your superpowers that are so much needed right now during cold season! 🦸‍♂️ You can also get off the couch, and once you're outside, you can spend the day in nature. 🌲

Frau mit schwarzer Mütze liegend in blauer Hängematte im Winter

Ice bathing tips from the extended HÄNG team

You are now fully motivated and would like to join the club of really hard winter swimmers? Then Melina's dad Alex has the best tips for you here. Of course, everything is very beginner-friendly. 

 Alex started his new hobby, swimming, in the nearby lake about three years ago and has made rapid progress. But when it got colder, he didn't let the falling temperatures deter him and decided: he now goes swimming in the lake at least twice a week. He's a real pro now and now he has enough know-how to tell you what to look out for.

What is the best way to prepare for an ice bath?

Warming up is very important! I usually ride my bike to the lake and that's why I'm really warm when I arrive at the lake. But if I don't feel like doing it, I jog a little further so that I'm really warmed up. But I always dry off the sweat straight away, because that's not good for your body at all, because you have to get into cold water when you're sweaty. It's best to get swimming shoes and gloves - the water is pretty cold and your hands can hurt a lot. The shoes are a must for your own safety - the weather conditions and slippery stones could lead to a fall. 

How long should or may the ice bath last?

It is very important to keep an eye on the water temperature: the number of degrees determines the maximum duration of the ice bath. It is also very important to take body signals seriously. The last warning sign is when you can no longer move your muscles and joints properly and then must you leave the water immediately. Please do not jump directly into the water, but move in an area where you can definitely stand. After your ice bath, you should dry yourself well and put yours first TIRE pack up before moving on. Give yourself a long break. 

When is ice bathing best?

Of course, it is very important that you are healthy and physically fit. After an extensive workout at the gym, it might not be ideal if muscle growth is important to you. Take a day off and give yourself some rest. And of course it is best suited if you want to strengthen the immune system. 

What is your advice for beginners?

First of all, strong that you want to start! However, beginners should not overshoot the mark and jump directly into the cold water of the nearest lake. Start with alternating showers and please do not switch from hot to cold directly. Take small steps and make it a point to shower a little colder each time. It's going to take a few months now. And then you can start swimming in the lake right from the summer and get used to the temperature changes. Then you can qualify directly for the club of winter swimmers. 😎 

Frau mit heller Mütze in einem gefrorenen See schwimmend

A big thanks to Alex for his tips! And if you still don't know how to start, here are some inspirations from Greta's & Paul's vlog. There you will also find useful hands-on tips and a lot of motivation! 


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