The International Sweatpants Day - about New Work and freedom of clothing

Der internationale Tag der Jogginghose - über New Work und Kleidungsfreiheit

From the sports field straight to most Pinterest headers, nothing is quite as controversial in the fashion world as the soft elasticated pants, also known as the sweatpants. Even if the sweatpants are more for lounging on the couch or in the HANG is taken, despite its title as a fashion sin, it is currently the must-have item on Instagram.

blonde Frau sitzt am Boden mit schwarzer Jogginghose und Sonnenbrille

Whether for sport, stylish or in streetwear - jogging pants are our timeless companion through the generations. And now, since 2019, there has also been an international holiday of its own - in honor of the soft "sports pants". The holiday at a high school in Austria was created as a curious holiday and for fun: shortly before the carnival holidays, four students decided to come to class in jogging pants with their class. The day became so popular that the four students created a Facebook group and encouraged everyone on Facebook to participate. As a result, the day went around the world once - and is now practiced every year on January 21st all over the world. 

Person trägt eine Jogginghose und streckt die Beine in die Luft

Chilling out in sweatpants for a whole day - what a dream. 😍 Or not a dream? With us in the HÄNG team, this is already reality. Where others apply: “Jacket and Tie Required” applies to us: jacket as well as pants. You decide what to wear. And also where you work. Do you prefer to work in your pajamas or are you simply more productive under a bright sky? Go for it! You like to chill in your HANG on the laptop instead of in an open-plan office? New Work and working remotely, when and where you want, make this possible. All from the comfort of your own home, or from wherever you want.

Laptop steht geöffnet auf dem Tisch, darauf zu sehen ist eine Online Video Konferenz. Daneben steht eine blaue Tasse.

But if you now think that the daily office routine is getting lost or you miss the small talk with colleagues - digital coffee kitchens and virtual offices make that possible too. You can also have that we-feeling and face-to-face meetings from the comfort of your own home in your favorite jogging pants.

 P.S.: The colleagues will probably not see the sweatpants in the call anyway. 

You can find out more about our daily routine in the home office here.

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