Outdoor in autumn - a little inspiration

Outdoor im Herbst - Eine kleine Inspiration

It's getting cooler. But as we all know, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, right? Nevertheless, we have a few tips for you on how to have more fun with your outdoor activities!

#1 Outdoor in autumn: enjoy the rest of the summer

DÄCKE Picknickdecke von HÄNG Outdoors
It's still a bit warm, so now it's time for the last rays of sunshine again to really enjoy! This works best in the next park with yours favorite hammock.
Alternatively, you can also get your friends together and have a picnic together. Between colorful foliage and fewer insects and on the TIRE you can really have a good time!

#2 Outdoors in autumn: when it gets colder

At some point it is Time, Goodbye accept. But that's not bad! Summer is coming again and autumn also has wonderful sides! For example, this is when you can start collecting chestnuts and leaves and use them to decorate your home. What could be better than the season matching natural decoration? Exactly! Nothing.

If you live in a city, it's also a good idea an, mal to go to your favorite café with your friends again. A hot chocolate does wonders for the soul when the autumn blues set in. 
Heiße Schokolade Regenwetter Herbstblues
In addition, it is still possible without black ice bike to drive. Why not an extended tour at the weekend? Alternatively, you can also go on an autumn hike. If you have already checked out all the excursion destinations in your area in summer - easy. Just visit the place again - due to the foliage, the weather and the different atmosphere, places change in the fall and it is very nice, the to witness. It's the same with the forest, by the way - just try forest bathing. Like that go have we already in one other blog post explained.

DIY & Gardens in Autumn

Do you have a garden, it is now time that Harvest fruit and make delicious compote or jam out of it. That's a good one too Time, mom/grandma to call again and after a few jam preserving-Hacks to ask!
Or: If you have a few tools with you, build a birdhouse and set it up in a suitable spot! The birds are happy when it gets really cold in winter, and you always have a private animal documentary right in front of your window pane.

Relax outside in the fall

Last but not least: Even in autumn you can do something to relax outside. In addition to bathing in the forest, it is a good idea to try out an outdoor whirlpool, do yoga on the DÄCKE or try out Nordic walking. The possibilities are limitless.

But our absolute favorite tip is geocaching. We have already explained this to you in a video by Greta and Paul. That's a promise: once you've started, you'll want to look for the next hiding place straight away!


#3 Outdoor in autumn: what do you do when it rains?

When it rains, we stay at home more often, of course. But even then it doesn't always have to be the Playstation, but can be an afternoon activity close to nature. For example, have you ever roasted nuts yourself? Just try it! This puts you in the mood for rainy weather and is also incredibly delicious! If you're there, you can also serve a warm punch with your nuts. Fall is perfect for warm drinks and we love our homemade bowls and punches!

The classic must not be missing either: carving pumpkins. It doesn't even have to be the classic pumpkin face you can also just carve another face or a HANG into the pumpkin. Have fun there!
If you also want to stay warm in autumn and still have a permanent outdoor companion for your adventure are looking for, then Just have a look at our ultra-light outdoor TIRE an.