We plant two trees for each HANG

Wir pflanzen zwei Bäume für jede HÄNG

By the time you finish reading this sentence, a soccer field full of trees has disappeared.

The worldwide tree population is reduced by approx. 10 billion trees every year. Deforestation and slash-and-burn for wood procurement, soybean acreage or the search for mineral resources will continue to be so in the future. In addition, devastating forest fires are triggered by the consequences of global warming. Does planting new trees make a difference?

Hang hammock in the forest

More than just a hammock holder

Why do we need trees at all? CO2 and other greenhouse alleys are horror terms of today. These trace gases are created naturally, but also in large quantities by industrial societies and unfortunately also by our personal desire to consume. For example, trees can bind and convert CO2 from the air and soil, thereby balancing the atmosphere. The fewer trees, the more greenhouse gases that cause further global warming.

The most effective way to save the climate?

So the world needs new trees! Scientists like Prof. Dr. Thomas Crowther or Dr. Jean-François Bastin from Crowther Lab has found that planting new trees is the cheapest and easiest way to improve the climate. Even better, there is enough space on earth to provide a suitable home for 517 billion seedlings. These could absorb 205 gigatons of carbon dioxide. That is slightly more than the annual output of the industry. So even if not all goals can be achieved, planting additional trees would be a great advantage in terms of environmental protection.

Hanging hammock weighs next to nothing

Two trees for each HANG

At HÄNG we value nature. Work and live in it. We are committed to leaving the good spots for being lazy as they were found. Leave no trace . Now we wanted more and have brought an experienced partner to our side who is familiar with the tree topic.

In cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects   From now on, two new trees will be planted for each hammock sold. Eden Reforestation Projects is the leading NGO in the afforestation sector and pursues projects in all parts of the world to capture CO 2 .

No hammocking without trees. No hammock without new trees.

Already over 265 million trees

Planting trees sounds so easy. Who did not try to plant apple seeds in the garden as a child and have not been able to harvest their own apples to this day? So rather ask someone who can handle it consciously and sustainably. Eden Reforestation Projects, a nonprofit U.S. organization, has planted more than 260,000,000 trees in 5 countries since 2004. There are a few points to consider.

  1. The right tree in the right place. Mixed forests are not a visual trend, but the healthy alternative. However, the right type of tree decides whether an existing ecological system is destroyed or promoted.

  1. Multitasking trees to strengthen the local community. A plant can do so much more than just look beautiful and improve the air. The choice of farm trees for the production of fruit, shea butter or oils increases the positive response from local farmers.

  1. The first 3 years are crucial. Very few seedlings reach puberty without adequate care and monitoring. This must be looked after constantly. The polluted floors are particularly challenging.

Eden Reforestation Projects works with local farmers with a comprehensive concept. This reduces poverty in affected areas, improves soil quality and stability and optimizes the water balance. This project offers an opportunity for our global ecosystem.

Be there ...

Sustainable hammocking , camping in hammocks, gives a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers the opportunity to enjoy nature without harming it. Hang in there for climate protection.

Hanging hammock weighs next to nothing