8 questions to… @Annabellesophiek

Annabelle in einer Hängematte am See

Hi Annabelle, please lift the curtain for us. who is behind @annabellesophiek and what stage in life are you at right now?

I am behind this Annabelle. I am 24 years old and come from Hanover. I'm currently working on my bachelor's thesis, which is taking up quite a bit of time. I love being outdoors as much as I love taking photos. I try to inspire and motivate people with my account.

Take us to the beginning. How did it come to @annabellesophiek?

I have always loved to travel and have always taken photos on my travels for years. But I wasn't satisfied with the pictures until I bought a decent camera. And somehow one thing led to another and I posted a few of them. The pictures were not only well received by family and friends and then I just took more.

story time. You have been and still are on the road a lot. When you travel, you experience all sorts of stories. Anything completely wacky, wacky, or amazing that has happened to you?

In the summer of 2018 my boyfriend and I went on a road trip. We spent one night at a campsite in Croatia. My friend woke me up in the middle of the night because a huge spider with a diameter of about 8-10 cm was sitting next to me in the tent. Trouble is, we're both terrified of spiders. We then spent the night in the car.

Any situation in which someone unexpectedly offered you help or made your day better with small gestures?

There would be so many incredible examples. But the most formative experience I had in India in 2012 was when I was stranded at the airport and didn't know where to go because my contacts hadn't picked me up and couldn't be reached. So, at the age of just 18, I sat alone and helpless in front of the airport in Goa. Within a very short time some taxi drivers were phoning around trying to find out where I had to go and a couple of Swedish girls gave me their number so that if in doubt I could sleep at their hotel. In the two hours there alone I experienced an incredible amount of friendliness and helpfulness.

On the road you learn something new every day. What do you take with you from the experiences of the last few years?

Openness is the be-all and end-all. Many people let themselves be ruled by prejudices, but if you give someone the chance, you might get to know a really great side of the other person.

And when it comes to material things? Which three tools, gadgets or lifeguards do you always have to have with you?

Food!!!, camera, cuddly sweater,

Thanks for the insights, what's a little-known fact about you that you're happy to share with us?

When I get home, the first thing I do is put on my sweatpants.

Last and most important question: Would you rather wear a motorcycle helmet when you are awake for the rest of your life or have to push a shopping cart in front of you when you go somewhere?

Difficult Decision. I would probably take the helmet. A shopping cart like this takes up a lot of space and I can't get up the mountains very well with it. The helmet could become my trademark.

Thank you!