Outdoor adventures in summer: road trip to the Baltic Sea

Outdoor Abenteuer im Sommer: Roadtrip zur Ostsee

by Lutz Recknagel for camperetti.de

The plan on a road trip is not to have a plan

There is a lot that inspires about the road trip and that we are happy to recommend. For us, however, the most important thing is not having a plan or a fixed goal for the day. Don't look at the clock. This is the true adventure of a road trip. Exactly what you often don't have enough of in everyday life: freedom, spontaneity and flexibility. Go through the world with open eyes and just stop and enjoy.

If you also like to travel independently, a camper is a great choice. After all, a camper is a rolling hotel room and restaurant in one. Sun hat, bathing suit, one Hammock - how else should you swing in the sunset - should be in your luggage, some rain gear for stormy weather at the sea as well as food and off you go: Our Baltic Sea road trip!

Once the Baltic Sea and back again

Rügen, which we aim for as a rough destination, can of course be reached in the classic way via the autobahn. But at the latest at the first traffic jam you should get off the motorway and continue on the country road. The most beautiful places are far away anyway.

Our route takes us along the country road through the Mark Brandenburg. If you don't need a big city feeling, simply drive around Berlin and continue in the direction of Schorfheide. A lot of forest and beautiful lakes appear here. You should definitely use this to take a short or long break. If you like, you can swing a little between the trees. You immediately notice how much nature relaxes you.

dunkler Campervan im Wald, daneben hängt eine rote Hängematte von HÄNG

Our path continues via the small and pretty fishing village of Ueckermünde, then in the direction of Usedom, on the other side of the Szczecin Lagoon. Only when a sign appears, "Schloss Mellenthin", do we decide to spend the night here. A beautiful old village church and great old cobbled street that leads directly to the moated castle (incl. moat and ancient trees). Our tip for romantics: Definitely take an evening walk here!

Anyone who would like to spend a typical day on the Baltic Sea beach and who doesn't mind a little tourism should go to Heringsdorf. Long beaches, ice cream parlors and lots of sand castles await here. kids will love it. But have small change ready for use of the beach – the beach cards will be checked.

With the camper to Stralsund

Would you like a bit of city feeling? Then off to Stralsund. A historic old town full of museums, flair and lots of history. There is a lot to discover here in several days. Anyone traveling with children should definitely visit the Ozeaneum Stralsund. However, it is better to book tickets in advance – the line can be several hundred meters long. Only parking is not easy in most car parks here. With a camper, you should definitely know the exact roof height, or play it safe and park a little outside on the side of the road.

Rügen is absolutely worth a day trip. We already knew the typical chalk cliffs and beaches and therefore preferred to enjoy the many avenues and old streets from the camper.

Innenstadt von Stralsund

Probably the best-known insider tip for Baltic Sea vacationers

Hiddensee! The 45-minute ferry crossing is a highlight in itself. But the island first! You are almost alone here on this dreamlike, tranquil island. Endless landscape, sandy beach, horse-drawn carriages that replace the bus, and the Dornbusch lighthouse. How great would it be to stand with the camper on this island. But no cars are allowed on Hiddensee. Maybe that's what makes the island so beautiful.

Our tips for a relaxing road trip

  1. Get up without an alarm clock and just let the sun wake you up. It's so beautiful that you can't get enough of it.
  2. Plus point solar: With a solar panel on the roof, you are not always dependent on electricity and can enjoy your holiday self-sufficiently.
  3. Use the maneuverability of a camper. With a camper you can also just drive through the city. You can fit through (almost) every city gate and there's a little sightseeing tour out of the car on top.
  4. Be considerate of local residents and nature and try not to disturb anyone. A little bit outside of the villages there is usually a place for a camper. If you are unsure whether you are allowed to stand in this place, just ask politely. Most of them are very interested. "Can you really sleep up there?" is the question we are asked most frequently after looking at the pop-up roof. This is usually followed by the enthusiastic exclamation: "Oh, that's romantic."
geparkter, dunkler Camper mit Aufstelldach

Last but not least: Our most practical tip

Wiping sand from the beach off feet outdoors. We can only warmly recommend that you always be careful and do not carry dirt onto the bus. At least if you don't want to spend so much time cleaning or sweeping. We always have a small floor mat in the car to put our shoes on. If necessary, this is just knocked out.