Shinrin Yoku - How forest bathing works

Ein Wald ist zu sehen

We at HÄNG are very big outdoor fans. And we want you to feel like going out into the world, you into the hammock swing and experience little adventures. So if you want to experience something new again, we have just the right thing for you today - Shinrin Yoku. This is a Japanese way of discovering the forest for you. It is all about consciously perceiving nature and enjoying the moment. In this blog article we explain how this works best!

#1 How does forest bathing work?

There is no universal format for forest bathing. This usually means a leisurely two to four hour walk in the forest, where you consciously enjoy nature and perceive the forest particularly clearly. In theory, you can do anything you want. The main thing is that you choose something that you enjoy and that doesn't overwhelm your body. So try to take it easy and do something that is easy for you. When we go bathing in the forest, we also like to look for a specific place in the forest to get the hammock out there and lie around for a while. You can read particularly well or just look at the landscape. Forest bathing is often combined with meditation or yoga because it can increase the relaxing effect.
In short: you can't do anything wrong or right. Just try to consciously perceive the forest and fully enjoy the moment. Which activities you use to achieve this is entirely up to you - so just try to create your own personal forest bathing experience!

#2 positive health effects

Forest bathing has been credited with some beneficial health effects. But it works preventively. In other words, there is no way to get well quickly when you have a cold. Forest bathing works in two main ways. Firstly, the chemical components of the trees in the forest have a direct positive influence on the cells in the body and thus strengthen the immune system. Second, the atmosphere of the forest reduces stress. Through several studies, especially from Japan, these effects are even considered scientifically proven.
Forest bathing can therefore be used to:

  • to reduce stress
  • stimulate metabolism
  • to recover
  • to lower blood pressure
  • to reduce tension
  • to prevent cancer
  • to strengthen the immune system

Because of this: Off to the forest! Pack water or tea and a HANG a (also with SOAP) , take an hour's walk in the woods to your favorite spot and relax in the hammock for a bit. Share your favorite spot with us under #secrethang Instagram, if you've tried Shinrin Yoku and tell us about your experiences with it!

Jemand liegt in der Hängematte und sieht sich die Natur an