Just pay in bitcoin!

Tausche Hängematte gegen Bitcoin

HÄNG ❤️ Crypto

At HÄNG we often do things a little differently than other companies. We don't have a permanent office, we have a team that works all over the world.

We also make what is probably the most comfortable hammock in the world. So that this is the case, we put a lot of work into optimizing our products. And what sounds so professional here actually only means that we spend a lot of time in our hammocks. If something bothers us, we do it differently. That is why each HANG is bigger and more stable than the rest.

And because something new is not automatically bad, we would like to point out that you can pay with Bitcoin for a long time.

Bitcoin. Everyone has heard it by now but nobody really understood it. We believe that there are definitely others who can better explain the concept. But still want to give you a little introduction to what a cryptocurrency is and how you can pay with Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin anyway?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that works without intermediaries or companies and is based on so-called blockchain technology.

So nothing more than euros, yen or the dollar. Just stop on the internet. And all in real time, like PayPal. This makes them very suitable for eCommerce and use in online shops. In order for this to be possible at all, some problems had to be solved.

Because a currency only works online if you can't just copy a coin like a PDF. The Bitcoin protocol proposed in 2011 solves these problems and has seen turbulent growth since then.

You don't have to force the whole process to understand just to use Bitcoin. And what is often misunderstood: You can divide a bitcoin into smaller parts just like a euro. Nobody has to buy an entire bitcoin to use it. In the meantime, it is even possible to pay with Edeka or Lieferando via Bitcoin and if you believe the followers, Bitcoin could become the world's currency at some point.

And Bitcoin is no longer the only digital currency. There are now thousands more that all have different features and advantages. For example Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple or IOTA

Long time fans

We at HÄNG have been fans for a long time and have been accepting the virtual currency for a good year. Payment by Bitcoin in our online shop offers our customers certain advantages. This makes payment quick and uncomplicated.

In addition, when paying with the cryptocurrency, there are usually no fees for any payment providers and contrary to that everybody can see every process very well. So no one has to wonder whether the transfer has already arrived or why no transfer is going out on Sundays.