7 questions for… @pinepins

7 Fragen an… @pinepins

Frank and Selina from @pinepins have what we only dream of. A beautiful camper, a feed full of pictures that make your mouth water and enough time to explore their surroundings on wheels. The stories behind the account are at least as interesting as the stories they post every day. They have been traveling with their own hammock for a long time and answered a few questions about travel and van life.

Frank, Selina von Pinepins und ihr Van Rudi

Please raise the curtain for us. who is behind @pinepins and what stage in life are you at right now?

Behind @pinepins stuck Frank and Selina. We are on the road with our van “Rudi” as often as possible and share our experiences, ideas and tips on the subject of “van life” on Instagram. In "normal" life, Frank works as a designer for visual marketing at Ikea and Selina is studying art and German to become a teacher.

Frank und Selina leben das Vanlife

Take us to the beginning. How did it come to @pinepins?

In 2016 we were traveling with a couple of friends in a Holden with a self-made roof tent in Australia. There we realized how much fun we had traveling and camping. When Frank then traveled through New Zealand and built a bus there, it was clear that as soon as he would be back in Germany, something like this had to be part of our everyday life. That's how we came to our bus Rudi via Ebay. Since Frank has always been taking pictures, it made sense to share our pictures with all van enthusiasts. However, we never thought that the community around this topic would be so big.

Frank von Pinepins springt von seinem Campervan beim Sonnenuntergang

Any situation in which someone unexpectedly offered you help or made your day better with small gestures?

In Australia we met an elderly man on a secluded beach who offered us the opportunity to repair the 4Wheeldrive in his workshop at home. It was a bit creepy when we got there, because the good guy had huge cuddly toys sitting at his dining table and sofa, but we were warmly welcomed and there was even a shower after the repairs. We were super happy about that!

Frank Stoll von Pinepins liegt in einer Hängematte von HÄNG

On the road you learn something new every day. What do you take with you from the experiences of the last few years?

Make it easy. For a while we thought about whether it makes sense to buy a van. So far we haven't regretted it for a second. If you really want something, just do it. Then it can't be wrong.

Ein Mann putzt sich die Zähne hinter seinem Campervan

And when it comes to material things? Which three tools, gadgets or lifeguards do you always have to have with you?

HANG, headlamp, napsack

Thanks for the insights, what's a little-known fact about you that you're happy to share with us?

Frank is the housewife in the van.

Blick aus dem Campervan auf einen See mit einer Frau im Vordergrund

Last and most important question: Would you rather wear a motorcycle helmet when you are awake for the rest of your life or have to push a shopping cart in front of you when you go somewhere?

Clearly. Push the shopping cart in front of us. We would build something out of it for camping and then always have the sleeping place with us.

Thank you! Good luck with all the adventures that follow.

Frau bei Sonnenuntergang auf dem Dach eines Campers