Valentine's Day - tips from the HÄNG team

Valentinstag - Tipps vom HÄNG Team

It's almost that time again: It's Monday valentines day! But somehow you have no idea how to spend the day and what to get your significant other (or yourself)? Then you can now in your HANG sit back, because we have a few tips ready for you.

Of course we wouldn't be HANG if we texted you with the typical Valentine's Day fuss. Accordingly, here are our personal favourites.

How to spend Valentine's Day?

Yes, admittedly: Dhe Valentine's Day in the movies may not always correspond to reality. And frankly, he doesn't even have to. Whether the candle-lLight dinner in the restaurant or in the Kofferspace of the car into one TIRE swaddled, cuddling, watching the stars. No matter, what you decide: iIAt the end of the day, what matters is that you spend time together, enjoy the here and now and create a memory that you look back on with pleasure. So don't put any pressure on yourself above because of the perfectn (self)dates. Would you rather go hiking with your better half? The day was so stressful and you would rather chill on the couch? It doesn't matter, you can decide. But if you're just before Valentine's Day and don't know what to do: Sgrab yours TIRE and some company and have an outdoor coffee session in the woods. Is it something different than the typical coffeeDate. Paul and Greta will also show you right away hadr, how it works. If you don't feel like sitting on the floor, just grab one HANG a. It also has room for two💘.

What can you give for Valentine's Day?

Sure, it doesn't necessarily need a gift for Valentine's Day in the first place. And theoretically, you don't need a day to prove your love. But why not? And if you want to give your sweetheart or yourself a present, then go for it! Don't feel like giving flowers again? Then how about a loving card, gifts for culinary friends or things that you really need? 💌 Or you pack yours BEG and you make a spontaneous trip into nature! 🌲

In the end,  it's not that important, was is given away or How the day is spent. It's always best with two people, no matter how the day goes. In retrospect, the most beautiful things are neither material nor extravagant, but simple. And you always want to be able to remember that, don't you?

👀And for everyone who his her Sweetheart or if you want to give yourself more relaxing time in nature, we have something for you Bcome up with something special. Sjust take a look at our I on Valentine's DayInstagram Channel over Or register now for the newsletter - then you will receive the hot news comfortably in your mailbox!! 💌

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