Get out of the hammock and off into your everyday adventure!

Raus aus der Hängematte und ab in dein Alltagsabenteuer!

We as loyal followers of the #SCHWINGERCLUBS love nothing more than the hammock! But now that it's slowly heading towards summer again, there's one thing we like better: being in nature. Of course, this works best in the HANG, but there are many other great ways to adventure outdoors.

In line with our outdoor series in spring, we present you with various outdoor activities. Today in portrait: your own Bucket List for spring/summer! ☀️

What should not be missing on a bucket list?

Your summer activities don't have to be particularly complex or expensive. Special moments that you would like to remember later or things that you have never done fit perfectly on the bucket list for this one Year! But we are also happy to give you a few ideas directly from the HANG Team to the hand. 

Why write a bucket list at all?

Especially now, special moments often pass within seconds. At some point, the most beautiful months of the year are just a memory that fades. But if you set small moments as goals and write them down, you'll always have something to remember. You also prevent super boredom and always have a small collection of ideas ready that you can fall back on spontaneously.

Our ideas for your summer bucket list.📋

Yoga class outdoors

We can relax in all everyday situations. We love to relax and be in the middle of nature. Everyone can also enjoy the fresh air and do something for the body directly. So get out of the HANG and off to the yoga mat!

Feel free to look in your city, maybe your yoga studio offers outdoor courses. 

Cocktail contest with friends

Spending time with loved ones and enjoying the warmer temperatures. There's nothing nicer! Combine the whole thing with a little challenge among friends: Who mixes the best cocktail? Cocktails to match the outfit. Or something like that. The possibilities are limitless. Pack yours BEG and write your shopping list - then nothing stands in the way of the next cocktail evening.🍹

Sleep in the open air

We like to chill in the HANG. And sometimes there is a nap or two. Sleeping in a hammock is not only healthy, but also from your HÄNG team approved. In the open air there is also the opportunity to look out for shooting stars. And in the Hammock for two it won't be boring either.

go pick strawberries

Grab your friend and just go collect a round of strawberries. Not only are they cheaper, they sometimes taste better than those from the store. And collecting is fun! Thanks to the large fanny pack FAN you have your hands free to collect and snack.

Try something new 

Of course, at the end of your bucket list there would still be a place for something you have never done before. It can be anything, like learning to roller-skate. On our TikTok-Channel Lea is also happy to take you with her on her HANG bucket list and her everyday adventures. 

When designing your own Bucke List you are completely free! Feel free to set small goals and write them down - at the end you will have something nice to remember.


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