Invest in our planet: hanging out on Earth Day

Invest in our planet: Abhängen am Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day has been celebrated more than 50 times worldwide. But what is it all about? Of course, we don't just want in ours HANG chill, but explain what this is about and how we support Earth Day. 

Earth Day - Die Idee

Senator Gaylord Nelson's concern led from briefings at English colleges and events and gatherings across America to a national day of action attended by over 20 million Americans as early as 1970. Now Earth Day is an international day of environmental action, attended annually by millions of people in over 150 countries committed to protecting the environment. However, the neutrality of the Earth Days is quite important - the Earth Day is used as an aid to finding events and projects or for enlightenment through information and for networking. Earth Day International creates media presence for all environmental initiatives around the globe. 

The Earth Day is thus the stage for dialogue and exchange for associations, organizations, scientists and also the spirit of initiative. So everyone who wants and can have the opportunity to become active. 

Earth Day in Deutschland 

In Germany, many campaigns on the subject of climate protection are being created as a result of Earth Day, because everyone is in demand! For this reason, the topics are always chosen in such a way that you not only become aware of them, but can also participate yourself.


The Earth Day motto 2022 in Germany: Clothes make the man. And thus sustainable, organic and fair clothes that suit you (and the environment) better. The topic revolves around conscious shopping, sustainable clothes (brands) and the focus on slow fashion. The Earth Day motto is international this year though "invest in our planet”  and various projects such as clean-ups, online courses and information evenings are offered.


Earth Day x HÄNG 

But clothes make the man does not only apply to consumers or manufacturers. It also affects every shop owner - including us. One in 25 returns will be destroyed. And while that doesn't sound like much, it's still frightening and makes us incredibly sad. That's why we have #HÄNGupcycled  and are now making returned, defective products available to upcyclers - so that they can create something new out of them. At the beginning of the year, for example, the TikTokerin @lauraxlora  from one TIRE  conjured up a cool down jacket. 


But not only Earth Day is in focus: April 25th is Arbor Day! 🌲 And for us as hammock enthusiasts, this is of course an important day. Because without trees none hammock.

That's why we plant two trees with our partner, the Eden Projects, for every order. Always. And so more than 800 million trees have already been planted worldwide! That's already an enormous achievement, but we think: There's more to come! For this reason double we accept tree donations for all orders up to and including 4/25/22. Not just two, but four trees are donated per order. 


By the way: Regardless of all the days of action, we strive to make the world a little bit better. That is why we have committed ourselves to the Sustainable Goals of the UN. You will also find out what it is all about here. 

Swing in the HANG…