I pack my BÄG and take with me..

Ich packe meinen BÄG und nehme mit..

It's finally here again! The weather is getting better, the sun is shining. Oh, it's perfect for a little hiking tour! Don't know what you need for this? We got you! grab yours BEG, here we have a packing list ready for you. 


Mann mit schwarzem Rucksack auf der Schulter stehend im Wald

The right equipment for hiking

First things first - really limit yourself to the bare minimum. Nobody likes to hike with a packed, heavy backpack BEG. It is best to make a list in advance, check the weather and the expected temperatures. This makes packing easier, you only have the most important things with you and don't forget anything.


Of course, your must-haves are always: water bottle(s), provisions, rain jacket, first-aid kit and a campingTIRE, so that you can take a pleasant and relaxing break. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat are also essential and spare clothes can also be very helpful. Of course, the less you have with you, the more relaxed your hiking trip will be. And maybe you'll have room for one HANG and a camera? They are also ultra-light and weigh (almost) nothing. 

Pack the backpack properly

Who doesn't know it: You're looking for your sunglasses or rain jacket and can't find anything because of all the stuff. But before you throw it all away in frustration, try layering it. The bottom layer is everything that you will not necessarily need right at the beginning, e.g HANG, spare clothes, TIRE etc. Then all the heavy things follow in the middle layer: provisions, water bottles, first aid kit (...). At the top we have everything that should always be at hand: rain jacket, sunglasses, whatever you have with you. Use the small special compartments for handkerchiefs, ID cards, sunscreen or spare plasters.

waterproof equipment

Nothing ruins a hiking trip quite like the wrong clothing and unusable gear. So make sure everything is waterproof. With the water-repellent BEG and the TIRE nothing stands in the way of your hiking trip. It is also helpful to wear a rain jacket instead of a rain jacket Regenponcho. They are usually longer than a rain jacket and often offer better rain protection. 


Now all you have to do is: Pack yours BEG for the next hike. Wasn't that enough input for you? Then feel free to stop by Greta and Paul - they will show you what they have with them for trekking and how they do theirs BEG packed for it.