International Women's Day - Why is there an International Women's Day?

Der Internationale Frauentag - Warum gibt es einen Weltfrauentag?

Flowers and gifts in honor of women, a day off to celebrate properly: this is what International Women's Day looks like on March 8th in some countries. But the origin of the international holiday looks different. Lean back in your HANG and enjoy our short facts about International Women's Day. 🌷

Who Invented Women's Day?

Women's Day dates back to 1909. It was then that women from the American Socialist Party held the first national day of struggle for women's suffrage in the United States. The American women's rights movement inspired European women, who then organized their own days of struggle. On the first International Women's Day, a red carnation was stuck in the lapels of many demonstrators as a sign of equality. That's why red carnations were traditionally given away on the first international women's days. Nowadays it's not always red carnations, but often a blooming attention as a sign of solidarity to the women who are close to you.💐

Women's Day today:

Anyone who now thinks that no more demonstrators are taking to the streets is wrong: there are still demonstrations - and rightly so. Unfortunately, equality is still not common practice in a wide variety of areas such as management positions - not to mention the gender pay gap. This shows that the importance of International Women's Day has not decreased. On the contrary: Even now, gender equality is more important than ever! Especially the slogan “break the biases”, which is an end  which provides for prejudices and categorizations of all genders, but especially towards women, is very popular nowadays. Just because you look different doesn't mean you're worth less, right?

We from HANG believe that collegial and pleasant work is only possible if everyone feels completely comfortable and so we have equality in our remote Office first of all. We don't care what you look like, what gender you feel you belong to or what your grades are - do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good. 


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