From New Work to New Reality - digital home office for everyone

Von New Work zu New Reality - Digital Home-Office für alle

The generation of digital nomads has set an example: location-independent networked work. Once smiled at as leisure time under palm trees, the remote work experiences of digital startups such as HÄNG serve as a model for the spontaneous digitization process of companies in the current times of crisis.

• Digital startups as a model for the home office workplace
• Tools for structuring work processes

COVID-19 is turning the rules of the economy upside down. The everyday office life of the culture of presence in German companies uses different rules than the work in the home office that is now required. You know what it means to found a company digitally and mobile HANG Founder Tobias Tullius. The manufacturer of hammocks made from parachute silk sometimes lives in the mobile office, in the literal sense. A Ford Transit serves as a workplace. Even if it says "HANG - laziness as the company motto", passion as well as trial and error in the search for tools and working concepts are part of such a founding process. This demands flexibility and openness from all employees. trust instead of control. Motivation instead of coercion.

After the idea of traveling the world in a relaxed manner in a HANG, the search for resources for hammock production follows. Until then, the classic way of working. What does a company need to go digital? Hardware, software and a well-considered security and backup system. The loss of data and work processes is unnecessary. A good digital infrastructure saves you from wasting time and demotivation.

Eliminating the need to commute to work, a quieter working environment or a better work-life balance are considered to be deadly arguments for the advantages of working from home. But HÄNG founder Tobias Tullius knows the pitfalls of the new everyday work: "Many assume that everyone now has to be available at all times, but that blocks the workflow. Everyone has to learn to structure the work for themselves, and project management systems such as Trello or Asana help. Specify when "One can be reached and when not, bosses as well as employees have to communicate. Freedom also needs practice and a little orientation to get along. Stay relaxed in the event of misunderstandings."

Communication is an important keyword. Tools like Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts help to stay in touch during the digital transition. Never assume yourself, a learning lesson from HANG. Don't be afraid of uncertainties with new processes. HÄNG never tries to lose courage. Production and sales continue even in uncertain moments. The digital company founder recommends to companies that currently have to make a provisional change: "You don't always have all the answers immediately. Test, test, test."


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Being lazy as a company motto. The German startup HÄNG has been producing ultra-light hammocks made from parachute silk since 2014. Founders Tobias Tullius and Vincent Hommel live and work as outdoor-loving digital nomads. April 2020 completes DÄCKE's range of products. The innovative outdoor blanket is odour, water and dirt repellent. Relaxing can be so easy.