Face masks as a new luxury item? Help with the production of protective masks by start-ups

Mundschutz als neues Luxusgut? Hilfe bei der Produktion von Schutzmasken durch Start-Ups

Products to protect against COVID-19 are currently determining both the public and political discussion at various levels. First and foremost: the debate about wearing face masks. The breathing masks are used almost everywhere and are still not sufficiently available in load-bearing areas. Many make a business out of necessity and sell the hygiene products overpriced on the Internet. Start-ups like HÄNG are now helping to counteract this.

- New course in the mouthguard debate

- Overpriced sale of protection products on the Internet

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Leipzig, 14.04.2020.

In the discussion about wearing face masks, there is new input almost every day: Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder speaks of billions of protective masks that will be needed in the near future. The protests and complaints of the medical staff in hospitals are getting louder, there is a lack of hygienic protective clothing for dealing with COVID19 patients on almost every corner.

At the same time, cities such as Jena and Nordhausen have already introduced compulsory face masks in public spaces and at work. However, the pandemic is far from over - and it is slowly becoming clear that the breathing masks are not only needed in the acute emergency of the Corona crisis. Because even if measures such as regular hand washing and avoiding social contacts are still urgently needed, the masks will play a central role, especially in the course of the “exit” from the lockdown of the economy, which is currently being demanded more and more frequently.

Despite the times of crisis, many private sellers in particular are making this hardship their own and are selling the much-needed protection products at overpriced prices on the internet. A trend that HÄNG founder Tobias Tullius cannot understand: "We don't think it's okay if urgently needed goods become objects of speculation."

That is why the start-up HÄNG has made it its task to help in the fight against the crisis in solidarity. "Due to our production facilities, we already have the necessary structures to help with the production of the breathing masks that are urgently needed," notes Tobias Tullius. There is no question for him that he can use this accordingly and thus help out as part of the possibility of a start-up. "This is certainly only a small contribution, but the help of each individual is important right now."

HÄNG wants to help where it is really necessary. Please send information and notes on affected organizations and institutions to masken@we-hang.com.


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Being lazy as a company motto. The German startup HÄNG has been producing ultra-light hammocks made from parachute silk since 2014. Founders Tobias Tullius and Vincent Hommel live and work as outdoor-loving digital nomads. April 2020 completes DÄCKE's range of products. The innovative outdoor blanket is odour, water and dirt repellent. Relaxing can be so easy.