10 crazy places for your HANG hammock (No. 8 is totally crazy!)

10 verrückte Orte für deine HÄNG Hängematte (Nr. 8 ist total crazy!)

Hanging a hammock in the park? In the garden? Between two trees? Sounds a bit boring? True! Anyone can do that: r. So we asked around a bit and came up with a few really nice spots for them HANG Picked out a hammock that you probably don't know yet. And we wouldn't be HANG if we hadn't tried it ourselves.

Warning, spoiler alert: With a HANG you can actually hang out anywhere.

PS Please do not imitate and try it at home. You could seriously injure yourself! 

1. The HANG on street signs 🪧

Works best on signs with two poles. It works best at motorway service stations. Then you quickly have a lot of trucker friends. Why? Check it out ⬇️

@haeng.outdoors Classic stop at the service area 🛣#naturelover #foryou #schwingerclub #HANG ♬ Sky and Sand - Paul Kalkbrenner

PS Of course, it also works great when you're stuck in traffic and need distance from family & co...

2. The HANG on the scaffolding 🚧

The boys and girls on the construction site will envy you. Alternatively, you can also use one HANG-Start rental, which could represent a small but nice side business, especially in the summer months...

@haeng.outdoors sometimes you just have to HANG on the scaffolding #fyp #passau #HANG #schwingerclub #unusual ♬ Sky and Sand - Paul Kalkbrenner

2.1. Fancy your own hammock? 🏝

Then get yourself a HANG. The mother (or father?! 😆) of all hammocks. Since 2014. 👇👇 

3. The HANG under a bridge 🌉

Please, please, please. Don't do that. This is extremely dangerous and can end badly. So please take a quick look. And do NOT imitate. Thanks!

@haeng.outdoors Would you like to hang out there? 🤯🦥🚝 *don't imitate* #outdoor #hammock #hammock #train ♬ original sound - YTOMusic

By the way, the harmless version of it looks like this:

Eine Person schaukelt in einer schwarzweissen Haengematte unter einer roten Bruecke am Isarufer in Muenchen

4. The HANG over a bridge 😂

OK. That's okay with save. It's fun too. And is really low risk! But it can annoy one or the other passer-by. Nevertheless, let's go! What's life without a little risk?

@haeng.outdoors SUSPENSION BRIDGES chill #foryou #schwingerclub #HANG ♬ Wuki Remix World Caves In - wüki

5. Die HÄNG am Campervan 🚍

Are you traveling with a camper but can't find any trees far and wide? No problem! With a few easy steps, your camper becomes a HANG-Frame 🙌

@haeng.outdoors Just way too beautiful here 🥺🏕 #outdoor #vanlife #hammock #hammock ♬ The Wild Chickens Overture - Madita

6. The HANG on the football goal 🥸

Even we are at a loss for words.

@haeng.outdoors Transitiongoals 🥅 #HANG #tor #football #relaxed #fyp ♬ Choking on Flowers - Fox Academy

6.1. The HANG at your home?! 🥰

Would you like to try out your own secret spots? No problem! Then get yourself a HANG. Your HANG - your rules! 👇👇👇

7. The HANG in the tree?! 🌳

Hmmmm. In the hang tree?! Yes! Bird concert is free on top!

@haeng.outdoors already done? 🦥 #outdoor #adventure #hammock #Relaxation ♬ original sound - Adam

But be careful: In early summer, the birds want to rest in the trees because they are having offspring. Maybe you can do yours in time HANG hanging over the lake...

8. The HANG over the lake/river 🌊

Luckily, the HANG dries faster than your swimming trunks/bikini...

@haeng.outdoors #SCHWINGERCLUB #hammock #hammock #depend #lake #SUP #weekend #nature #fail #weekend #sun #sunshine #standuppaddling #hang #outside #nature ♬ Hold On - Moguai,Cheat Codes

9. The HANG at the airport ✈

Who doesn't know it: a stopover at some airport on the ar*ch of the world and not being able to find a bed far and wide. Only those super uncomfortable airport seats...

@haeng.outdoors The confusion is confused 🤨😂#airport #hammock #hang #airport ♬ original sound - The Late Late Show

10. The HANG on the platform 🚅

If the train takes longer: Easy HANG get out and look forward to the next strike in a relaxed manner!

@haeng.outdoors Under the circumstances, the train can be delayed more often 😮 💨 #fyp #HANG #schwingerclub #Cologne ♬ Sky and Sand - Paul Kalkbrenner

11. The HANG to sleep?! 😴

Did you know that there are even experts who say that if you have insomnia you should sleep in a hammock? No joke...

Why, why, why - and how it works in practice - we have already explained in the blog ➡️ Can you sleep in a hammock?

You already have a crazy place, but you still need a hammock? Then it's best to get a HANG👇👇 right away